(3rd person POV)

"Loki, what did you do?" Thor asked.

The brothers had safely returned to Asgard with Avery, but Loki had not revealed how he managed to do so.

"I don't know what you mean," Loki lied as he shifted his attention from Thor to the book he held in his hands. Avery had been speaking with Frigga for the past hour, upon her request and Loki was not able to spend any time with her. Loki hoped she would return soon to spend his last moments with her.

"Loki, you managed to convince Byeist to let you go alive, with Lady Avery and I," Thor stated, "I'm asking you one more time, what did you do?"

Loki sighed, "Brother, you know I have a way with words"

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Thor asked getting annoyed, "Did you threaten him, make a deal, argue..."

Loki rolled his eyes.

"You made a deal didn't you" Thor said almost surprised he had not thought of it before.

"It's nothing I can't handle" Loki muttered. He felt fine. The effects of the potion had worn off and Loki planned on spending the next twenty-four hours with Avery and his mother. He knew he'd signed a death sentence and he had no intentions of becoming the villain again. He knew his fate and was willing to accept it.

"Then tell me, Loki" Thor pleaded.

"I may owe him a favor in the near future" Loki said vaguely.

"A favor?" Thor asked, "as in anything?"

Loki shrugged.

"Thor, this deal saved your life, and Avery's life" Loki said, "I think it was the right thing to do. I know I could not bargain for Heimdall, but I am confident he will soon return"

"And what of your life?" Thor asked, "this deal, did it save yours too?"

"Thor, I think I've earned your trust, don't you think" Loki said harshly avoiding an answer.

Thor spoke after a moment, "You're right," he admitted.

"Good, we agree on something, now could you kindly leave me to reading" Loki snapped. Thor did as he asked.

Loki had made peace with dying. He could no longer feel the poison coursing through his vain and while he knew it was only a matter of time before it took a toll on him, he was also aware that he had to do this for Avery. He had to die... She had tried so hard to make him a better man and he would never forgive himself if he betrayed her trust.

Loki had a place in Asgard. A very minor, even insignificant place in the House of Odin now that he was working to gain his trust back. For Avery, he could not jeopardize that.

Avery entered Loki's chambers. She wore a green and black dress, as they were Loki's colors and she wore her hair neatly in a bun.

"So what is it that you and my mother talk about for hours?" Loki asked.

"You" Avery grinned.

"I hope she didn't say anything too embarrassing" Loki chuckled setting his book next to him.

"Nothing you should worry about" Avery replied sitting next to Loki on the bed, "Odin has been asking for you, Loki"

"I know"

"You cannot defy him forever," She gently scolded, "if you want him to trust you, you should go"

Loki sat up and grabbed Avery's hand with his.

"I can think of other ways to spend my time rather than speaking to Odin" Loki grinned.

"Oh stop it!" Avery playfully smacked his hand away, "Go see your father"

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