Prologue: The Neighbor's Kid

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"Isn't that the neighbor's kid?" I heard Grandma ask as I entered the family room with two cups of hot coco. I handed her one and took up the spot on the couch next to her. I looked up at the TV, and Jack McKinnon's face was plastered on it. "It seems he's always in trouble," She muttered.

                "Jason Oliver was pronounced dead earlier this morning after two fatal gunshots to the chest." A picture of a man showed up on the screen. Couldn't be older than twenty-five at least. "Jason has been missing for over a week and was found this morning after someone made an anonymous tip about hearing two gunshots near their house just hours before. Three suspects were found and taken into custody just moments ago."

                My heart was beating too fast when they showed pictures of the suspects. The only one I knew was Jack and he was labeled the main suspect. "Do you think he did it?" I asked with a small voice.

Grandma sighed. "Only God knows. With that kid, anything's possible."

                Jack's been in trouble many times before, just never on such a level. He's been caught with marijuana a few times when he's been pulled over. He's been to jail I know of twice for battery and one more for Grand Theft. And definitely not to sound cliché, but he's the boy your parent's warn you about. The one that's a bad apple.

                And it doesn't help when the McKinnon's stay in the spotlight. Atlanta is already a big place, but the McKinnon's make it feel much bigger. Jack wasn't always like this, though. We were possibly friends once. Well, more like acquaintances. He was there and we didn't hate each other. He sat behind me in classes we've shared back in middle school, and he never took a break from pulling on my ponytail and laughing about it.

                He acts like he's six, but in reality, he's just a big pain in the ass.

                Grandma shifted and changed the channel. "I don't want you anywhere near that house, do you understand me?" She said firmly.

I nodded quickly. "No worries there, Grandma."

                "Wasn't he in some of your classes?"

                "Uh, yeah. Just a couple during freshman year before I transferred to Paideia."

She let out another sigh. "I remember babysitting Jack during diaper days. I guess you never know with people these days."

                The image that left tainted my brain.

                Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of several car doors slamming

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                Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of several car doors slamming. Thinking the slams were going to stop there, I closed my eyes only for two more car doors to slam. I shoved my covers off of me with a huff and got out of bed. I walked to my window that gave me a perfect view of the McKinnon's.

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