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{𝚋𝚘𝚘 𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚛 𝚘𝚛 𝚗𝚊𝚍𝚒𝚊}ღ

I woke up in a strange place , i felt my hands tied , i had a headache i was just fucked up

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I woke up in a strange place , i felt my hands tied , i had a headache i was just fucked up.

I looked up and looked around and i was in this basement "What the fuck?" 

I was so confused then i realized i got kidnapped i started to panic "DONTAE!!!"

I heard myself echo "UGHHHH UNTIE ME PLEASE!" i started moving around in the chair tryna untie myself.

I was trying to calculate what happened but it wasn't adding up.

The basement door opened and who the fuck it was ? quin.

"QUIN U DID THIS??" i looked at him.

He came up to me and slapped me "Nadia , nadia i tried to give u chance and chance over and over you didn't want that tho so it came to this."he squatted down to my level and chuckled 

"THEN U GOT WITH THAT BITCH ASS NIGGA DONTAE.. bitch niggas making threats over you , I WAS HERE BEFORE ANY NIGGA" he chuckled again 

"Like what does he do for you nadia?? , i really wanna fucking know."

I just shook my head "Quin untie me please , look im sorry."

"Naw too late for that bullshit , i tried to love you i wanted you and still do but you so FUCKIN STUPID." he yelled in my face and grabbed my face

I started crying "Quin please."

He shook his head and whispered "shit.."

"Stop crying nadia , you know i dont like seeing you cry man." he looked away

"Quin please im begging you.."

He looked at me and grabbed my hand and helped me up

"Do you have to use it or something?" he looked at me

I nodded and he took me upstairs to the restroom  

After i got done , i cleaned after myself and came out the bathroom and he was sitting right there.

"You hungry?" he didn't look up from his phone , i nodded again

"I bought chic-fil-a its in the kitchen." he nodded his head the way it was.

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