[ 02 - Favor ]

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"Blake," Tommy comes into the living room where I am sitting on the floor with the remote in my one hand while watching the television and eating cereal happily. I turn to look at my little brother who is only younger then me by three years but he is so much taller then me. He stands by the door to our living room and I give him a slightly suspicious look which he smiles innocently at.

"What's up?" I ask carefully turning down the volume of the television. Our parents aren't at the house so that gives us pretty much free reign to do whatever he wants, they had gone out shortly after I had finished my stream. They had instructed me not to burn down the house so in hopes of doing that I made cereal. They also had told me not to commit any crimes with Tommy which I jokingly told them that I couldn't promise but now that Tommy looks at me like he is the most innocent child in the world I feel like he had to have committed some crime.

"Can you do me a huge favor?" Tommy asks as he looks at me eating my cereal which I take another spoonful of because I don't want my cereal to get soggy while Tommy asks me to do something for him. By the way he is asking me, not Mum or Dad, and the way that the smile is painted across his face yet his eyes are filled with excitement I know that whatever he is about to ask for it going to be something big.

"I will not commit crimes," I tell him as I stand up, holding the tip of the bowl to my mouth as I finish the milk in the bowl. I make my way to the kitchen and Tommy follows after me which makes me smile a little. Without looking at him I start to wash the bowl out because I would rather do it now other then doing all of the dishes before our parents get home. "You want to commit crimes?" I ask and he shakes his head no slightly as if he had to think about the question.

"No, no, no." He shakes his head rapidly as if he thought that I would tell him no if he wanted to commit the crimes as I am a law student at my college. "So, you know how you have the ability to drive," Tommy says and I tilt my head slightly to the side as he says so. If he is in the process of asking me to take his to the shops then I am simply going to tell him to ask Mum when she gets home. I don't really want to go out, I'm dressed in an oversized yellow hoodie and also black sweatpants with pockets. I love pockets.

"Yes," I nod slowly because I don't exactly know what Tommy is going to ask. I have taken him on car rides all the time when I am bored and going to the shops with him tagging along saying that he isn't going to ask anything from me but then as soon as we get to check out he throws a few cans of Coke into the trolley. I do complain about it but in reality I don't mind and he knows it.

"Well," Tommy drags out the word and looks at me then to our dog, Walter, as he walks past us. I pat Walter's head a little before looking back at Tommy who seems to be trying to figure out how to ask me whatever he wants so I wait. "I want to meet up with some friends in Brighton," He says slowly and I nod a little as he is talking about the people he streams with often. Tommy plays with a lot of people and I am very aware that they are all very loud people but I don't mind. It's very sweet that Tommy has found friends online and managed to make his own little family of sorts. "I was wondering if you wanted to come with me," He says and I stare at him confused because he could simply ask either of our parents then I think about it for a second. Tommy probably wouldn't want to be seen with Mum or Dad in front of his older friends so it must be more logical to bring me with him in his mind because we both know that Mum would never let Tommy go off on his own.

"Go on," I say after a second of thinking about it. Tommy said that he would need a ride to Brighton which was a good distance away. A distance which I wouldn't really like to drive if I was being honest.

"Really?" Tommy asks with excitement in his eyes and I nod a little, happy to see that my little brother is happy. I let my long blond hair out of the bun it had been in a few seconds before and it goes down to my waist which is something I love. I love having long hair because you can do so much with it. I had forced Tommy how to braid when he was little and on good days, if he is bored and I'm just doing stuff for law school, then he will sit behind me and braid my hair. "Thank you."

"Am I," I pause looking at my car outside of the house which I had gotten on my eighteenth birthday from Mum. Tommy complains about the face that our parents spoil me but he is in reality just as spoiled as I am. "Do I have to have to drive to Brighton?" I ask him carefully because driving for long amounts of time like that makes me nervous in case I get lost or something along those lines. Getting lost with Tommy in the car could have the potential of becoming a disaster or really fun, I do not wish to figure out which one it is. "Isn't that like three hours?" I ask after doing the math in my head and Tommy looks at me with a shy smile.

"Yes," Tommy nods once as he looks at me. I give him a look because I seriously do not want to drive for three hours to meet up with Tommy's friends who I had never met before. It seemed slightly not worth it. "But," He quickly says when he sees the look in my eyes and I meet his blue ones which are filled with hope. He must really want to see these people, they must mean a lot to him so I feel slightly obliged to take him as his big sister. "We can take the train." He tells me and I shift a little, leaning back on the counter with my arms crossed over my chest. I stay silent for a moment before looking back at him again.

"What will you and your friends be doing?" I ask because I don't want to take him up to Brighton which is hours away just for him to sit on someone's sofa and talk to them. That is something that he does so often over Discord so I really hope they are going to do something other then sit around. I see Tommy's eyes light with hope again when he realizes that I am agreeing to taking him to his friends.

"Walking around some," Tommy says pulling out his phone as if he is checking to see if he got a text. I bite the inside of my cheek trying to think of what could possibly go wrong with this trip. "I think." He shrugs before putting his phone back into his pocket and meeting my eyes again.

"If I take you," I tell him and he nods a little so I know that he is listening to me as I go to make him an offer. Something that we usually do, it is the agreement of if one of us doing something then the other will pay them back. "I want ice cream." I say him and he nods again because that is a really good deal. I take him three hours away from home in order to get some ice cream while he hangs out with his friends to not get embarrassed by either of our parents.

"Deal." Tommy agrees with a grin and I return it before walking off to my room, deciding that we will go over what date and time it is when we have to talk to our parents. They will probably say yes because Tommy hasn't gotten in trouble under my watch before so they will most likely agree to this which is going to be rather fun. I am getting free ice cream while Tommy gets to meet his friends in real life for the first time which is going to be fun.

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