Hooking up or Hanging out? (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1

I open my eyes to see a pair of blue eyes staring back at me.

The kiss lingered on my lips as we hovered next to each other exchanging breaths.

We struggled for air after our long display of affection in the same way we struggled for words after analyzing what we had just done.

We had just finished making out while his cold hands felt up and down my body. His touch was gentle and passionless and the way our tongues collided created no sensation that made me want to jump out of my skin.

“You’re so amazing Taylor” he smiled at me I returned his goofy smile and tried not to barf up all of the saliva he had just pushed down my throat.

I was sitting on top of Jack Richardson – post hookup.

And I honestly felt bad for him, leading him on like this. However when there are 6 people in the room paired up and either snuggling or jamming their lounges down each other’s throat, jack and I are like the outliers of an experiment.

Except, in this experiment the outliers eventually got bored of watching everyone else and decided to have some fun of their own.

He isn’t a bad guy at all and I have in fact learned a lot about him. He has 2 pets, he plans on playing baseball this spring and he’s not a very good kisser.

In the beginning of our “fling” I guess I began to lead him on, not thinking in would go anywhere and now I’m stuck kissing him. 

Meanwhile, my best friends Emma Rachel and Aubrey hook up with Ashton (my brother, I know ew), Jake and Christian. The only people who are actually dating are Emma and Ashton and Aubrey and Christian.

That leaves me and jack.

As this Saturday night evolves the boys will only be here for about 20 more minutes. As I’m laying in jacks arms watching a movie with the rest of the gang I look up at him.

He isn’t bad looking.

He has slightly slicked up light brown hair and freckles that cover his entire face his soft features make him look like a sad puppy, but a cute sad puppy.

Maybe I will date jack.

When the boys are long gone and all that’s left in Emma’s basement are a few best friends since 1st grade. We all have a long discussion about our love interests, it got me thinking. Do I like jack?

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