"Hi Kid How are you today"I Say Shyly

"Oh Hey Lin" Kid said to me

(Okay So Everyone is around 18 -20 years kid is 18 kid needs to fine a girlfriend so he picks Lin)

In Kid's Mind

Hmmm Lin Is pretty cute and Symmetrical.

I guess I can have sex with her

Kid's POV

Hey Lin do you want to come to my house to hang out?

"Ummm Okay" She Said while blushing

Lin's POV

Wow kid is asking me to come over to his house

What If he try's something no he wouldn't he's nice and sweet he wouldn't go that low would he?

I Stop Walking

Kid Stops Too

"What's Wrong" He Asked

I have to go. I say

I turn around to start walking In the opposite direction but he grabbed my arm.

"Your Lying" he said

No I'm not. I said trying to pull my arm back

" I can sense your soul is lying to me." And I don't like people who lie to me"

Kid's POV

Girls Who Lie Need to get punish. I say aloud

Kid What's wrong with you?!? She Asked in a small voice

I Grab her arm a take her to the gallows mansion. I open the door and go up to my room push her on the bed and lock the door.

Lin's POV

Oh no I should of ran when I had the chance he's going to kill me for lying to him

W w w what are you going to do to me

( Dumb Question Lin Dumb Question)

"Well I need to punish you for lying to me plus I'm going to make you mine now"

"You Should Be happy that a grim reaper is going to have sex with you and make you my girlfriend."

B b b b but I don't want to have sex yet I'm not ready

Kid's POV

Oh Great a untouched soul!

I don't care if your not ready I'm going to have you.

"Please Wait Kid think about what your doing" she plead

I Grab her shoulders and slam my lips against hers.

I feel her hands make they way to my chest and she try's to push me back.

Lin's POV

Man he's strong

He wouldn't move a inch

I feel his tongue at my lips

I Hear him growl so he squeezes my butt I gasp and he slips right in

This is too much for me I bite his tongue HARD.

I See Blood In His Mouth

I Use This Chance And run to the door Crap You Need a key.

"Tsk Tsk Tsk" I hear him saying

You made me mad now

Death The Kid's POV

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