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WHAT DO YOU mean the jet isn't starting!" I yelled at one of my workers

I was beyond pissed right now and we've been here for two hours waiting for them to start the jet

“Ma'am the airport we own in Italy has a flight going to Germany," another worker whose name I think is Jeremy said walking up to me

“Well what are you waiting for let's get a move on I was supposed to be there by now,"

When they finally got it together we made our way to the airport which was another 20 minute drive
We finally made it and I had no time to waste I made my way through making people pissed but I didn't care right now

No one could stop me cause well... I own the place

As I'm about to board the plane a lady taps me on my shoulder

Taking a deep breath I turn around

“How may I help you," I say as kindly as possible though my face may not resemble that

“Me and my husband have been waiting for about an hour and you can't come strutting in here like you own the place," she said pointing at her husband and showing her ring

“Excuse me!"

“My husband owns a restaurant and is taking me to Germany for our honeymoon so you can take your broke self to the back of the line," she said as if she made a point

“And if I don't?" I challenged her

“I'll tell the owner he's my husbands friend" she said with a cocky smile

“I don't know your husband and since when am I a he?" I questioned her

“You're not the owner the owner is a man and by husbands best friend plus you don't look over 18"

“That's cause I'm not but why don't you call your husband over there and lets see if I know him"

“Babe come over here this girl is saying you don't know the owner of this airport," she said with a pouty face as a man walked up to us

“Yes I do know the owner we went to school together "

“You look at least 50 and I'm 15 so we definitely didn't go to school together,"

“If you know the owner so much why don't you call him?" I questioned adding onto o my previous statement

“H-he's probably busy right now,"

“That she is so how about you go call any worker you see and ask them for yourself"

He then called over a worker who when they saw me immediately started walking faster"

“Is there a problem boss?" she questioned her voice shaking

“B-boss what do you mean boss?"

“Oh shut up its not you Cindy you can head back now"

She nodded frantically before sprinting away

“What are your names?" I questioned

“I'm Jesse Morgan and this is my wife Kate Morgan"

“Give me a second," I said pulling out my phone to make a call

“Hey Mike I need Jesse and Kate Morgan on the assassin hit list with 200k to their name"

“Okay boss," was heard before I hung up
*End of call*

Looking at the couple they looked like they saw a ghost

They looked whiter that Athena's knees on a morning

Flight 298 boarding now

Flight 298 boarding now

“Well that us well... me seeing as you won't be alive much longer" I said with and innocent smile

𝚃𝚊𝚑 𝚝𝚊𝚑"

I need to know the best days to upload since my update schedule is everywhere



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