Bed Wetting Problem

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No one POV:

Bakugou has secretly been having bed wetting problems since the whole kidnapping situation but he refuses to wear protection or talk to someone about it.

Then kirishima invites all they guys to a sleepover at his dorm and bakugou was forced into going so here he is now they are all talking in a circle, its getting late and hes afraid

Bakugou POV:

What if I have an accident...

"Kacchan are you okay?" Deku asks snapping me back into reality

"Yeah dude you've been kinda quiet" Sero says

"I'm fine idiots!" I yell trying not to be suspicious

"Maybe it's because its 12PM as young heroes we should be going to bed." Iida said everyone agrees

Fuck this is what I've been avoiding

"Bakubro me and you and kami are gonna share my bed is that ok?" Kirishima said bringing me out of my thoughts

"Yeah whatever!" I yell they smile everyone says goodnight as we go into his room

I some how ended up sleeping in the middle of them so I'm being squished by two tall beefy guys

Life is just not going my way today

They both fell asleep quickly I'm choosing to stay awake so I dont get a nightmare and embarrass myself


Maybe I can just rest my eyes...



I wokeup back at LOVs hideout chained to a bed shigaraki and dabi on top of my naked body

I cry and cry but they dont stop

I cant scream and my quirk isnt working all I can do is cry

Shigaraki and Dabi laugh and keep going-




I wakeup crying, kaminari and kirishima are sitting beside me worried. I look down and cry harder that i wet his bed my cheeks are red from embarrassment

"Hey hey no it's okay" kiri says he pulled me onto his lap I squirm trying to get up

"Your okay, it's fine" he says rocking me, my crys turned to sniffles

"Good boy" kami says petting my head

"Kami can you wash him while I hurry and wash the sheets before anyone else wakes up?" Kiri asks kami he nods and pickes me up from kiris lap and into kiris bathroom

"Your ok" he says in a calming voice he slowly strips me and sets me in the bath and washes me, I let him

Kami makes sure he is careful and he tells me how good I'm doing the whole time and that I'm safe

Once im done he picks me up and wraps me in a towel and dries me

"Let's get into some clothes" kami says and walks to kiris closet with me still in his arms. He grabs kiris sweater and smallest shorts and sets me down

"Here change ilk turn around" he says I nod and change

"Done" I say he turns back around and coos at me making me blush

"Okay now no one will know it will be our secret" kiri says coming back into the room with a huge smile trying to make me feel better, I look at the floor still very much embarrassed

"Why dont just us three have another sleep over tonight?" Kiri says I give a confused look

"Sure ig" I say making them grin happily

Soon everyone else wokeup and went home except for me,kiri, and kami we spent the day watching movies and cuddling. Ever since the accident they've been acting like my parents but I dont mind, I like it.

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