Touched. (Louis Tomlinson Bully)

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Mum I swear!" The tears will swelling up my vision and soon my mothers figure was foggy.

"No, you're a disapointment. Just go to school. Get out of my sight."

I grabbed my bag and sniffled out of my house. My mum has been angry at me ever since she found out Dan Worlock was my boyfriend. Dan's father was my moms most recent break-up and ever since then my mum has been getting drunk and abusing me at home.

While on my 3 mile walk to school, I heard whimpering. Curious, I turned around and went to the alley between the school and a cottage. Louis Tomlinson, Secondary School Nerd, was curled on the floor crying.

Lauren! Think! Do you risk your popularity? Or do you help this poor boy out.

I don't know why, but I've always seen a sparkle in Louis' eye that drew me to him. His chocolate fringe and cute square glasses perched on his nose. The only reason I continue bullying him was because he used to be my crush. I made him insecure. He was my peter pan.


"Lauren stop!" Louis giggled swatting my hand away from his head.

"No i want to mess up your spikey hair" I grinned. I couldnt help but stroke his cheek. Being 10 years old, i had no experince in kissing boys but i loved Lou.

"W-what are you-" Cutting off Louis' stuttering I pecked his lips. He giggled and ran away.

At school the next day Louis' friends made fun of me for kissing him. I've never forgiven him.


"Umm. Louis?" He looked up and fear struck his face.

"Please. Dont hurt me." Louis' vunurable side made my heart melt.

"Lou what happened?" He flinched when i said his childhood name.

"Its Louis, and i better be leaving. Thank you for concern." Louis grabbed the floor around him clumsily finding his glasses. Giggling, I helped him up.

"Please, dont touch me." He snapped.

"I was just..."

"NO. You cant put me through all that pain and then expect me to ask for favors. I am fine. Now let me past please. I can handle getting up myself." Ouch. That hurt.

I watched his petite figure walk away. He was too skinny for an 17 year old boy. Running a finger through my hair, I walked out of the alley.

Once I turned the corner Dan wrapped his hands around my waist. I screamed out in pain do to the harsh contact.

"Dan!" His lips and tounge attacked my neck. "Stop. Im a virgin"

His eyes widened and he started laughing and clutching his stomach.

"Youre..youre a virgin.!!" He yelled while pointing and laughing. Soon enough everyone laughed and stared.

Scanning our "crowd" i saw Louis. He was looking in his locker and he turned and shook his head at me before slamming the locker and running away.


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