The Return Of The Creep

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My safe haven, let me tell you about it.

A cafe located down small side streets that's only a ten minute walk from where I live. It's a small building, possibly too small but that's what I like about it. The moment I enter the warmth and scent ravels around me, making me feel safe. My father and I are the only people to know of it's existence which means Trevor has no idea that it's my favourite place to hide. I love to sit by the window when it's raining and watch as the droplets of rain slide down the glass. The entire building holds a special place in my heart along with fond memories of me and my father.

After ordering a hot chocolate and a cheese toastie, I scan the dining area and make my way towards a seat in the corner that's out of view.

Lulu's cafe is designed like the inside of a cabin. Dark wooden booths line one corner and chocolate leather sofas are along the other. Pictures of assorted pastries, cakes and coffee covers the walls. The delicious scent of warm chocolate, coffee beans and pastry permanently lingers in the air. My stomach grumbles loudly in protest, screaming out for something to ravish.

I can't remember the last time I ate.

"There you go dear, enjoy." The owner smiles, placing the plate down onto the table. The smell of toasted bread and cheese hits me and my stomach rumbles embarrassingly.

"Thank you." I respond, smiling at her in return. As she begins to walk away, my phone buzzes inside my pocket. I smile immediately as I pull it out, hoping to see Jake's contact flash up on the screen.

It isn't Jake.

My palms begin to sweat and I look around, the paranoia building up inside me. My hands begin to tremble as I scan over the text a second time —

You shouldn't be skipping college. . . I'm watching you Emily. 

Who is this person? Why are they watching me?

That's not creepy at all...

Who are you? Leave me alone!

I quickly send the text, slamming my phone down onto the table. I blow out the breath I'm holding and lean back against the chair, closing my eyes.

Suddenly I don't have much of an appetite for the cheese toastie.


After finishing up at Lulu's, I decide the safest place for me to be is college. It's supervised by teachers and somewhat safe. I've already missed two hours but showing my face is better than not attending at all. On the way there I can't help shake the feeling that I'm being followed, my every move watched.

I knock on my classroom door and enter, my eyes landing on a substitute teacher sat at the desk instead of Mrs Wilkins.

"Sorry I'm late, dentist appointment." I explain briefly before taking a seat next to Trish. I still feel terrible, my body is weak and constantly in pain.

I've managed to hide my bandaged arms underneath a grey turtle neck jumper along with black leggings and black boots. I ignore the stares around me and instead pull out a text book from my bag, placing it onto the desk. Beside me, Trish watches before leaning closer —

"You look terrible Em, shouldn't you be home resting?"

Gee, thanks Trish. I shake my head, giving her a small smile. "I feel fine." I lie effortlessly.

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