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Ace pov

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Ace pov

We kicked open the door of the ballroom.

The ballroom went silent.

All attention was on us.

Us means, Alessia and me.

We were getting looks of jealousy, confusion but most important lust.

Lessie gripped my hand tighter.

And let me tell you it didn't hurt at all.

We walked through to the hall.

Power was radiating from us.

I have listened very much of the missing twins from mafia but I never thought them to be us.

Our grandfather is one of the most ruthless man in the world.

He can kill in the snap of fingers without any remorse.

I thought he would be cold towards us, but didn't expect him to show emotions.

I can tell by the look on his face that lessie is his favourite.

I obviously felt a little jealous of how lessie bonded with him so early.

But when lessie said that I am still her favourite, a wave of relief washed over me.

I bought her the diamond tiara secretly without her knowing.

I always brought her gifts because I know that it makes her happy.

Lessie was looking very beautiful today.

Our aunts were also looking nice but Brittney. As usual. Bitch.

I don't like her at all.

I can just make her kidnapped and torture her in our basement.


Because according to lessie 'family is everything. Whether it is good or bad'.

I swear she is the most purest soul on the earth and I love her to pieces.

"Be around the twins everytime" lorenzo said to all the boys.

Everyone nodded.

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