Twenty Four: Distances

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Chapter Twenty Four : Distances


Guide us and protect us through these tough times....

" Give me strength to continue this day because I believe in the almighty Lord Jesus Christ "

" Bless me and protect me from the evil ones . "

" Amen " He said as I opened my eyes and turned to him with a confused look on my face.

"Amen " I said wrapping up my prayer as I stood up and dusted my jeans . " what are you doing here ? "

" I was about to ask you the same thing " He said .

" I was praying "

" In my room ? " He said as I shrugged sitting on his bed .

" I like the view from here " I simply said. He smiled a toothy grin.

" I'm sure you do " Zayn went towards his messy desk.

" How's the plan coming along " I asked Zayn as he stacked crumbled up paper.

" Well...we're getting somewhere"

We've been in the house for days as Zayn and his brothers were brainstorming ideas on how to get out of here. So far it's going nowhere which isn't good. The berserkers are after us and could arrive at any moment of time .

During these past few days I'd been turning to God by praying . I had to find answers on what is going on and what I could do to get back to my family . Zayn always watched me while I prayed , I found it strange but I still ignored him. Mimi had been helping me by trying to channel my inner self but I'm just not feeling it , The fact that I could be Skarline scared me . I had so many questions I wanted to ask . How old was I ? What did I want to study ? What was it like when I was pregnant ? But I was too scared to know all these things and get involved... Why ? Because I feared that I could possibly be her even if I am speculating .

" Why do you watch me pray ? " I said to a rather busy Zayn . I had no clue what he was doing .

"What do you mean ? " He said , never leaving his eyes off his desk .

" I mean..Anytime I pray... You're always there , Just watching me pray alone and then when I'm done you don't even say a word....why ? " I said as he dropped his pencil and looked at my direction. I don't know why but lately..every time Zayn looked at me, I felt all tingly and warm inside .

" I like it when you pray to your God... It shows me you still have hope in him " He said

"I do have hope in him " I said sternly to Zayn . " I will always be a believer ...even though I am going through tough times... I know he's planning something great for me"

Zayn just looked at me for a moment before his eyes sparkled and gave a small smile .

" That's good " He said " He's happy you think like that " He went back to whatever he was doing.

I looked at him quite confused. What did he mean by He ? At first i thought he was talking about my God . My heart thumped loudly . I was nervous yet excited, He was listening to my prayers ! But then again, what if it was Javaad ? He probably seen me as an naive girl who was praying and thought it was amusing to see me putting my time to my beliefs .

I shook my head not wanting to think about it anymore .

" What are you doing ? " I said tilting my head slightly to see what was on his desk .

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