Ghost Story

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Seren was falling and even though her feet were planted firmly on the ground, she couldn't feel a single part of her body except her heart pounding inside her ribcage at ten times its fastest pace. Her muscles were trembling over her bones in utter shock and she wasn't sure if she had just lost it or was dead. A tingling had taken up all over her skin and she wanted to shake it off, but was too afraid to move.

N-no...No...It's not....You're d-dead...You're a...a....ghost.

And he, in the same form as her, was standing before her, looking like a king, with all the power of a god rolling off of him as his eyes bored into her very being as if he had never seen her before and wasn't quite sure if she was in front of him. But he appeared different somehow. It wasn't the same sweet-looking wolf she had known. No, he was different now as if changed by the events that had spanned their separation. His legs seemed slightly longer, his paws slighty longer, almost like hands, his eyes...well, they had captured the agony he had endured through  the illness and shared a skull still with the monster he had come to share a body with. In a word, he looked...wild.

I'm not a ghost, he replied, his chilling voice making her shake all the worse.

Liam was real. Liam was alive. Liam was only a few feet away from her. Her mate was alive. It was impossible. She had felt him die, felt someone split her sternum right down the middle and set her heart and lungs on fire. But here he was. Seren felt emotions surge inside of her, confusion, disbelief, joy and an overwhelming longing to hug him, to be safe in his arms. Even if he didn't want her, she would never let go until they pried her away.

She suddenly felt a wash of utter fear as she sank down into a half-crouch, her ears swivelling submissively to the sides as she tore her gaze from his and instantly was looking for an escape route. If he was alive, there was only one reason that he had found her, and that was because she was on his land. She remembered clearly what the consequences of doing that were. He was too big and too fast to attempt to run past him, but she glanced behind her at the steep decline and considered it, weighing her chances of surviving the descent.

Liam took a languid step toward her, measured, careful, his eyes like blue stars that burned with immeasurable intensity as he lowered his head. His posture told her that he was stalking her as prey and she pressed further back against the very edge, the dirt crumbling away under her weight. 

I'm s-sorry...I'm sorry. I didn't know...I thought I was further north...I'm leaving right now...I didn't mean any t-trouble.

He growled softly and she spun, leaping down the hill in the hopes she could slow herself, but when her paws hit the rocky dirt, she skidded for a short distance before pitching forward and tumbling head over heels into brush and roots. She smacked against boulders, but couldn't grab onto anything before the pull of gravity continued dragging her down toward the stream below, which was growing in side every second. 

It's gentle sounds from above turned into a low roar as she realized, through the leaves and soil of her rolling vision, that it was in fact a small river and she tried desperately to stop her path to it. With a yelp of alarm, she dug her claws into a small tree, catching herself just as her hips and legs swung over the edge of a drop. Seren scrambled desperately to get the rest of her body onto land, but felt the ground crunch and lurch beneath her as the tree leaned over the water, its roots too small to hold both her weight and its own. She saw Liam land a few feet away, his paws sinking into the ground with his weight, his muscles rippling as he worked to get to her, and in that moment, she didn't care that he was going to kill her. She decided that it was better for him to kill her than to drown. 

Before she could even beg for mercy or help, the ground gave and the heavy mass of soil shoved her into the chilly roiling currents, forcing her directly into the rocky bottom where it proceeded to drag her painfully along as she thrashed to free herself. Her body was shocked with the iciness of the temperature as instantly made her bones feel like concrete and her muscles like tearing fabric with pins and needles pricking her skin. 

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