Dream 991124.02

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  • Dedicated to Craig Conley

Dream 991124.02

by KC 

I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 8:50 AM. My daily class started at 8:30, so I wondered why the alarm hadn't gone off. I looked at another clock, but the hands were all scrunched up in one corner of the clockface. Then I realized that I could float in the air, and was excited because I was fully conscious and would be able to remember it to tell Craig Conley. 

I floated around from room to room, looking for something to"test". But everything was normal, other than the fact I was floating inthe air. 

I floated down to my other bedroom in the opposite corner of that floor of the house. The bed there was a single mattress on the floor, witha burgundy bedspread. I noticed how it matched the burgundy carpet on thefloor. I floated over to the desk and looked for some object to take back to my other bedroom, to prove I'd actually physically transported something via floating. I had two black clay Incan figures, and so took one of them. When I picked it up, the head fell off, and I remembered that it had previously been cracked. I tried to remember if I had any glue in my other bedroom, to fix it. 

 I then floated back towards my other bedroom, and was still trying to come up with some "test" to try out, to tell Craig about. I floated over to a wall to see if I could float thru it, but it was completely solid. So I just floated back to the bed where I'd woken up.

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