Hydra is Gone

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After getting no where with Valen, Bucky finally left her alone. He tuned off the outside lights, but the emergency lights still gave her some visibility.

Now that he left, Valen ate the rest her food. There was no reason to starve herself and become weak. She needed to get some sort of strength if she wanted to make any type of escape.

It was quiet as she ate the last of her food until the outside door opened then closed with no one walking through. She slowly stood up off the floor and got closer to the glass to inspect who just came in. No one was in sight. The button to her cage was pressed because the sound of the door hissing as it opened startled her.

Valen took two steps towards the open door, but the boy she now knew as Peter walked in. He looked like an excited kid.

"Hey. Bucky said you only ate your roll so I brought you a couple more thinking you didn't like the other food." He looked down at her empty plate then back at her. "Oh, well you can still have the rolls."

Valen slowly reached out her hand to grab the napkin with three rolls on it. She waited until he turned around to leave to eat them, but instead he just waited. For what, she did not know.

"I had to sneak in here. I'm not supposed to be here. Don't tell anyone though. Well Bucky also said you didn't say one word so I guess that won't be a problem. Do you speak English?"

Valen studied the fast talking boy in front of her. How did he manage to come in here unnoticed. Did he turn invisible also?

Peter laughed an awkward laugh as the girl continued to watch him. "You're looking at me funny. Do I have something on my face."

He started to swipe at his face to get whatever thing he thought he had on there off. When he felt like he accomplished that, he stopped and looked at Valen for validation.

Still no expression crossed her face.

"Well I have to go back to my room. I can't have Mr. Stark knowing I came in here. Goodnight Valen." He smiled sweetly before heading out both doors.

Still watching the closed doors, Valen sat back down on the floor. She unwrapped the rolls from the napkin and ate all three. They were warm meaning he had to of warmed them up before coming in here.

The night passed by as slow as a snail, but that didn't keep the girl from sleeping. She stayed up all night thinking of how she could get out of here. It was basic training, she could sleep when she was home.


Up at the lab, Bruce Banner had been studying the blood sample Stark had given him. He was trying to figure out how her cells could just disappear then reappear out of no where. They were unharmed or unchanged every time one decided to switch. He was also trying to figure out what triggered the switch.

"Any luck?" Stark had opened the lab door seeing if any progress had been made.

"It doesn't make sense. I have no clue how she does it."

"What about the Elsa thing?"

"Couldn't answer that either. I did however try an experiment where I isolated a cell and added heat. It instantly crystallized. When I moved the heat away, it went back to normal. Unharmed, unchanged just like when it goes invisible."

Tony tapped his tiny technology screen against his arm. "So she can survive in high heat situations."

"Possibly, but I don't know for how long or how hot. That's cause for more experiments."

"What can you tell me doc?"

Banner leaned back against his desk his arms crossed over his chest. "She's extraordinary. She's proven to be able to turn her invisibility on and off unless unconscious. She can freeze a door just by touching it. I don't know if she has to touch an object or not to form ice. Like I said we need to do more tests to find out more."

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