Chapter 8: Beach Day

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Katniss POV

I wake up with the warm rays of the sun shining in my room. 'Today would be a great day to go to the beach,' I thought. All of a sudden, my phone screen lit up. It was from Annie.

From: Annie☀️

Hey! The boys and I are going to the beach today. Wanna come with?

To: Annie☀️

Sure! I would love to!

From: Annie☀️

Yay! Bring Prim too. I haven't seen her in forever!

To: Annie☀️

I'm sure she would love to! I would have to ask her first, but I'm sure she would love to come!

From: Annie☀️

Ok! See ya there!

I turn off my phone screen. Then, I look up to see Prim in the doorway. "Who were you texting?" she asked.

"I was texting Annie. She was wondering if I would want to go to the beach with her and the boys. She was wanting me to bring you, too. Well, if you want to go."

"I would love to!" she says. "I haven't seen her in forever!"

"That's what she said about you!" I say. "How about we go ahead and get ready and we'll meet her down there. That sound good?"

"Sounds great!" With that she walks back into her room and gets ready.

I decide myself that I should get ready myself. Knowing that I just woke up, I go into the bathroom and do what I usually do in the morning.

I walk out of the bathroom and pick out what I'm going to wear to the beach. I walk to my closet and pick out my beach outfit.

I walk back into the bathroom and put on what I had picked out, a blue bikini with an aztec print bottom, an aztec shirt top, a pair of blue jeans that are ripped on both legs. From the shopping trip yesterday, I had bought a white beach bag with a thick coral stripe and little blue stripes. I get that bag and get a pink and white striped towel and my black sunglasses. Then, I go back into the bathroom and put my hair into beachy looking waves.

Walking out of my room, I stop by Prim's room. "Hey, are you ready?" I ask.

"Yes I am," she says.

"Well let's go."

I text Annie saying we're on our way.

We arrive at the beach about 10 minutes later. As soon as we get there, I only notice only two figures, instead of 3. Prim and I walk up to Annie and Finnick, where Prim and I are immediately greeted with "hello's".

I look around the beach area. "Does anyone know where Peeta is?" I ask.

Annie has a dreamy-looking face. "Nope, haven't seen him." She giggles.

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