Finding Out

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I went home and took a long ass shower to wash away all of the dirt on my skin. My thoughts were going wild !

How did I lose my virginity to the kignpin? Why was he rude after? Was he always like this ? Was it because of me ? Did I do something wrong ?

After getting out of the shower I threw on some sweat pants and a tank top and went back to bed I was so tired.

Bang- Bang-Bang

I saw my momma in my room banging  pots and pans for no reason at all.

"What are you doing momma" I said.
I stayed quiet
"I was at Alyssa's house ma"
"That's where you better have be nog hoeing around town".

I just went back to sleep.

~~~~~~~ 6 weeks later ~~~~~~~~
I've been throwing up like crazy and have these weird cravings for jelly and grilled cheese.
Alyssa was coming over a sleepover, she's the only person that knows that I lost my virginity and about my sickness.

I got a text from her saying how she's was 10 minutes away so I got all of the blankets and pillows ready . Once she came into my room I saw that she had a plastic bag with her so I said "what's in the bag ".

This girl drop 4 pregnancy test boxes saying "you have morning sickness and weird cravings, go take these damn test I'm not playing with you Jay".
" I know damn well that I'm not pregnant Alyssa but I'll take the test just to prove your ass wrong" I said while sticking my tongue when I was done talking.

As I was finished talking all the test I started to feel scared because I'm to young to have a baby. I have a job and money saved but not enough. Once the 5 minutes was up I walked to the bathroom and saw

I dropped to my knees and started crying what am I going to do oh my god. I heard the bathroom door open I knew it was Alyssa, the next thing I know is that she is hugging.

"Alyssa what am I doing to do" I cried.
" I don't know but I'm going to be here no matter what you are my best friend I love you so much and we are going to getting through this love " she said.

For the rust of the night we were talking about names, gender, living arrangements, and so many other things.

She said I could live with her but I knew in my head that I was going to have to move and far away. After the way East treated me I knew that he wouldn't believe me and would prolly kill me for trying 'to pin a random baby' on him.

I've seen it happen before and I wasn't going through of all that just to be the talk of the town no motherfucking thank you.

I'm just going to lay low for a little bit and see what I am going to do. I need to look for apartments, and jobs very soon. Hopefully before my crazy aaa momma find out. Ughh !!

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