I woke up, dazed, and in a panic. I couldn’t move. I blinked as my vision came into focus and I looked down at my bed. My arms and legs were restrained with straps.

I gasped and looked up to see two guards staring at me. Not the same two from earlier.

“You tied me up!” I shouted.

Both of them flinched before moving towards me. “Calm down, Miss.Crawford.”

My mouth dropped. “How can I be calm, when I’m tied up like a caged animal!”

“We didn’t need you to wake up and have an outburst. Now calm down before we sedate you again.”

My jaw dropped in disbelief. “Is that a threat?”

One of the guards rubbed his temples. “Goodness grief, this girl…”

The other snorted, “Right.”

If I could I would flail my arms around in the air but obviously I couldn’t. Instead I settled for shouting. “I AM RIGHT HERE! Do not talk about me like I can’t hear you! Say it to my face you-”

I was cut off by my door flying open.

“Alright. The party has arrived and whoa… Why are you tied up? Is this like an orgy?”

I groaned and let my head fall back on the pillow. “Not helping, Cole.”

He chuckled and passed between both guards, “I’m allowed to be in here. I’m her best friend. Now shoo shoo.”

“Excuse me but our job is to watch her at all times,” one guard stopped Cole by pulling him by the back of his shirt.

“Whoa! Feisty. Not sure I like guys with authority or not… Hmmm, I’ll have to think about it. Anyways, do you seriously want to sit here and listen to us talk? She’s tied up so where is she going to go? Plus, she’s not going to do anything drastic with me here. Isn’t that right, Miss.Sour puss?”

I rolled my eyes, “Shut it, Cole.”

Both of the guards exchanged a look before shrugging. “Fine, but no funny business. We’ll be right down the hall,” one told us before the both exited the room.

Cole chuckled just as the door shut.

“I’m pretty sure down stairs getting donuts isn’t down the hall. But whatevs.”

I gave Cole a glare and he chuckled. I just groaned and attempted to move my limbs, but failing in the process.

“While you’re sitting there cracking jokes, you damn fruit loop. I’m lying here completely tied down. So do me a favor and UNTIE ME!”

Cole laughed but proceeded to undo the restraints. “Fine. Fine. I’ll release the kraken!”

I shut my eyes and let a few swear words slip out.

“Well excuse me, missy. Didn’t know you had those words in ya! Need a bit of cleaning in your mouth, huh?”

I used my now freed left arm to whack him in the stomach.

“Oi! Jeez, don’t hit me. I’m all you got!”

I rolled my eyes and sat up now that I was free. I stretched and cracked all of my bones before swinging my legs over the edge and turned to sit like Cole.

“How long was I out?”

He looked at my clock and tilted his head back and forth. “Eh. A few hours. Maybe more. It’s almost dinner time.”

My eyes got wide and I stared at him in disbelief. “So basically I was out the whole day?”

He nodded, “Seems right.”

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