Fifty Shades of Grey....WTF?!

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Okay, like I said, this book will feature rants not related to fanfics as well. So....also the GIF is an accurate portrayal of how I feel about humanity.

Fifty Shades of Grey........OH MY FRICKING GOD. WHAT.

How the hell is that even famous to begin with? It's basically bad fanfiction!!! And what I'm about to say kinda contradicts what I said in my previous rant but.....this is too good not to roast in an critic-sized oven. And trust me, there are some fanfics that should stay buried in that dark corner of any fanfic website.

Let me put it down to you straight:

Ana = Bella

Christan = Edward

I never read Fifty Shades of Grey nor do I plan to but this is what I basically heard: Twilight mixed in with S&M.

That's the entire Fifty Shades of Grey in a nutshell, people. So why are we making this famous?! Honestly, it scares me that some people think that this is what love is. IT IS NOT. I never been in love and even I know that to not fool around with two people like Bella did. And I know that everyone has their bedroom kinks, but 50 Shades of Grey is not the accurate representation of S&M. *shivers* I wouldn't let Christan Grey come near me without a pistol in my hand.

So, that's it. What else would you like for me to rant on? Comment below and let me know! :)

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