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In a interview with My Chemical Romance in the Kerrang! magazine asking: Which one of you would survive in a horror movie? Inspiration hit. This is my story about MCR - one of my two favourite bands -in a horror story. Vote if you like. Comment and stuff if you want. Whatever floats your boat or sinks your ship. (: Enjoy anyway. 


As they wrapped up the show with Vampires will never hurt you, Gerard looked out to the never ending crowd. They had sold out. Frank laid his guitar flat on the ground and finished with his riff. The crowd went mad. Everyone in the band felt the rush. The exhilaration after playing an amazing show. Mikey pulled his guitar over his head and flicked his blonde hair out of his eyes, with a wave. Ray heard a scream from the crowd, “Can I touch your fro?!!” He smiled and followed Mikey off the stage. Gerard gave one last wave and walked off with Frank. A minute later the lights went on. Backstage Frank opened a bottle of water and took a large gulp.

“Mad crowd, huh?” Gerard asked, reaching for his own water.

“Best yet.” Ray replied and poured water over his afro.

“I’d kill for a coffee.” Gerard said, moving his bright red hair back with his hand.

“So would I.” Mikey chipped in, “I’m sure there’s a coffee maker ‘round here somewhere.”

“Sure I saw Michael with some coffee before the show.” Frank started putting his guitar into his case. Maybe it would be the new Pansy.

“Didn’t get me any?” Gerard pouts.

“I’ll treat you to some at the hotel, okay Gee?” Mikey says to his brother. Their manager stepped into the room.

“Ready to go guys? Probably pretty safe getting you to the hotel.”

“Yeah sure.” Ray says with one last swing of water. In around five minutes the band were making their way out the back entrance and sneaking into the car waiting for them. Their equipment would be sent to the hotel later, then to be shipped on to the plane for their next gig in the world contamination tour. The hotel was an hour away. Mikey spent his time listening to his iPod, knowing he would have to charge it for the long flight tomorrow. Gerard was getting over his high from the concert, remembering the pure energy in the crowd. Ray was looking out the window into the dark while Frank was nodding off on his shoulder. He used up all his energy at gigs and slept like a log only to be buzzing with energy the next day. They drew up to the hotel; it was a tall building, with plenty of windows. It looked very new. They checked in and went up to their suite. They shared a suite for the few facts that it was plenty big and no point wasting money. Gerard went straight to the coffee maker and started a brew. Mikey plugged in his iPod charger and Frank and Ray were still waking up.

“I’m going for a shower!” Frank called and made a beeline for the bathroom. Out of them all Frank liked being clean the most. Even taking a shower outside before.

“Guys, where’s Michael?” Ray asked.

“Not sure, he probably went after us, you know checking they packed his drum set right.” Gerard said, pouring out two cups of steaming coffee. He handed one to Mikey. Mikey raised the cup in thanks and took a long sip. The shower came on and they could hear Frank singing the song Fat and Alone from his late band, Pencey Prep. They looked at each other and shared a moment of laughter. What they didn’t know was that Michael had stayed behind. But not because of his drum set. 

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