Chapter 35

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*Madison POV*

I wake up with memories of what happened the day before

"Goodmorning Beautiful" I hear Hayes say

"hi" I whisper

"how do you feel" he asks

"if I say good can I go home" I asked

"the doctor said you could go home when you were ready, are you ready to go home" he asks

"YES" I yell standing up immediately regretting it feeling dizzy right after

"Calm down hot shot" Nash says laughing

I laugh and go to get changed

"REALLY NASH" I laugh looking at the shirt

its all of nashs merch

I hear him laugh and I get changed

"can I go see matt" I ask hayes

"yeah baby lets go" he says taking my non-broken hand

I walk into matts room and hes sleeping

"Matt" I say tapping him

He doesn't wake up

"I'm going home to.. I guess rest? I'll come back in a few hours. I love you" I kiss his head and walk out of the room

I walk out of the hospital holding Hayes' hand

"Is he gonna be okay" I ask Hayes

He shrugs his shoulders and looks down

"I'm sorry" I say

"No babe. There's nothing for you to be sorry for. Trust me. It's not yours nor Matt's fault" he says

I look down and nod

We get in the car and go home


"Want something to eat" cam asks driving

"Sure" we all say and Madison nods

We drive to McDonald's and we get food

"I'm not hungry" Madison said

"You need to eat babe" I said getting her a 10 piece chicken and a drink

She sighs and sits down at a table


"My wrist hurts" I complain

"I know" Hayes laughs

I look down

"Is Matt going to make it" I ask

"He will be out either tomorrow or the next day hopefully" Hayes says

I nod and start to eat


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