I could hear the crunch of bone as Bane handled four others, taking them down with a simple swing of his arm. But he was far from a muscle head. He had training - excellent training at that. But this... this was for fun. This... was payback. 

With a round house kick I took out two others, making them fly through a door with a rusted plaque that read ‘Quinzel’. I’d have to ask Harley about that later...

Suddenly, the click of a gun met my ears. I whipped around, seeing the last guard aiming a black pistol at Bane’s chest, as he was absorbed in fending off two burlier men. He’d be rid of them in a minute but that would take too long.The mans finger was already tightening around the trigger. Hardly thinking over my actions, I jumped in front of him just as he fired. The small piece of metal ripped through my upper torso with sickening slosh. I hissed in pain, swatting the gun from his hands. My vision was abruptly swimming with red, a fit of rage already in full swing. I kicked his legs out from beneath him, the shattering of a kneecap making my lips twist up in a grisly imitation of a smile. Before that pain could register, I socked him in chest, right where he had shot me. In the same moment I latched onto his skull, twisting it to an unnatural angle. He collapsed onto the floor, glassy eyes staring out into nothing less.

I turned to find Bane watching me with wide eyes, the guards around him groaning and writhing on the floor. The others stood at the end of the hallway, obviously having seen my little tantrum.

“Let’s move,” I barked, ghosting toward the entrance of the cafeteria. It was pitch black, save for the flashing red warning lights No one dared utter a word as I we strode toward the kitchen, the pacing cooks visible through the small, circular windows.

“Wait here,” I sighed, entering. The cooks were the same people I had encountered on my first temporary escape. The first thing their eyes flashed to was the blooming patch of red that spread against the orange jumper. That was also the last thing their eyes flashed to, because in under thirty seconds they were face down on the floor, snoring in a dreamless sleep. 

I poked my head back out, motioning to the others that we were almost in the clear. 

“You’re shot,” Selina gasped, pointing towards the stain. 

“Yeah,” I said, not having it in me to say anymore. I could feel the nanos within my blood pushing out the bullet, moving it back through its original entry point as it healed the wound. And boy, did it hurt like a bitch. 

I pried open the door, the cool night air coursing over my skin. It felt amazing. 

“You drive,” I said, tossing Selina the keys, pointing towards the black S.U.V. in the far corner of the lot. I hopped in the back, wincing as my wound screamed in protest. 

“WAIT!” Crane shouted, a horrified expression worming its way onto his face. 

“What?” Harley asked, glaring at him, rubbing her ear.

“My mask!” he said, throwing a look back towards the asylum. A muffled curse. 

“My suit!”

“My outfit!”

“My whip!”

“My cane!”

In the excitement of an escape their most precious possessions had been forgotten, locked up in the archives of their white walled prison. I knew what it was like to leave part of yourself behind...

“Where’s your hideout?” I asked, looking around at everyone. 

“Apartment building on the east end of the narrows,” Selina volunteered, a bit puzzled as to why I’d need to know. I nodded, grabbing the backpack I’d seen when I’d first stolen the car. I hopped out, slinging it up onto my shoulders.

“I’ll meet you there. You go before the rest of the guards show up,” I said, walking towards the building. 

I was gone before anyone could say otherwise. 


The archives were fairly easy to locate, seeing as though they took up almost the entire basement. The inmates located on the floor just above me were going wild, shouting and slamming their fists against the doors of their cells. That should keep the poor excuse of their security guards occupied for a while....

The first archive I found was Banes, the only thing inside the metal container was a wool coat. I shoved it into the bag, not bothering to put the lid back on. Then, I found Ivy’s and Selina’s belongings, tucking them in their as well. I was lucky that this was one of those ‘bottomless’ backpacks that could probably hold a baby elephant and a flat screen if you wedged them in there right. 

Next was Jokers suit and Riddlers cane. Unfortunately I had to hold the cane, seeing as though it wasn’t foldable. He should really have invested in something like that...

Finally, I dug up Cranes mask and a single container of fear toxin, which easily fit in the front pocket. Now, I just needed to find a way out...

I spotted an emergency exit behind the rows and rows of cabinets and containers, and I could only presume that it led directly outside. 

I started towards it, but I was suddenly flung backwards by my shirt, slamming into the cabinet beside me. I snarled, my fist flying out and nailing my attacker right in the jaw. I got a good look at them as they recovered. 

It was definitely a man, but... he was dressed as a... bat!?. His cowl had ears, and he wore a cape that swished around his ankles like an agitated cat. 

“What the hell!” I screamed, throwing my hands up. “The next person I see is probably going to be dressed as a unicorn with a freaking tutu!”

“Who are you!?” He growled, voice sounding as if he was gurgling rocks. 

I gave him a flat look before sending my foot sailing across his face. I turned and ran for the exit, but apparently, I wasn’t fast enough. A pain erupted in my lower thigh, as something imbedded itself into my skin. 

“Asshole!” I screeched, angrily ripping the little bat shaped knife from my extremity. Without pausing, I slipped it into the bags side pocket and bounded up the moldy stair case out into the night. I was closer to the main road than I had been before, and for this I was thankful. My ears picked up the wailing of police sirens in the distance, this giving me the motivation I needed to high tail it out of there. The trees that lined the road were a blur as I ran. I imagined I was in a race, because nothing increased my speed like the threat of competition. My feet barely touched the ground as I tore down the road. Back in training, my top speed had been 33 mph - definitely inhuman. 

It must have been around dawn when I finally stopped my sprint, somewhere in the north end of the narrows. 

I was surrounded by warehouses, all of them abandoned and uninhabited. It looked like a ghost town. I hiked the bag further up on my shoulders, twirling the cane in my hands. I briefly thought of the bat like man who had shown up out of nowhere. Who was he? Was he one of the rogues? I’d just have to ask them when I arrived at the apartment, I guess. I glanced down at my bullet wound, noticing the bullet had been pushed out and the hole had healed. It must have happened when the bat slammed me into the wall - I must have been too pissed to notice. I reached back and took out the little knife, my fingers gliding over the cool steel. The cut on my leg had closed, and I swear, if it left an indentation of a flying rodent...

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