The Preliminaries part 1

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Sorry for not posting in a while I was busy with stuff anyways enjoy.
-----------------------------------------------------------"Hi" Kurama speaking /Pov/ other things.
"Hi" Naruto speaking to Kurama through his mind/Flashback/ other things
"Hi" Regular talking
Levi Pov

Finally two weeks have been up I saw that spoiled brat and her team came I guess that they survived after all. Anyway all the surviving contestants went into a room where there were I believe, the sensei's of the other teams, the instructors of the other rounds, and the fourth Hokage. When Anko started to talk.

(Warning the parts I got from Season 2 Episode 11 of Naruto I give all the credit to the owner and creators of Naruto so please don't report me.)

No One Pov

"First of all, congratulations on finishing the second exam" Anko said.

"Huh there were seventy eight ninja who toke that exam. Frankly I'm surprised even twenty-one passed. I knew that less then half would make it. But really thought the number would be in the single digits." Anko thought.

"I'm Hungry." A guy with a scarf and swirls on their cheeks said. (Choji)

"What a drag there's a lot of people left. This is a pain." A pineapple hairstyled guy said. (Shikamaru)

"Sasuke and his team passed to." A blond girl with blue eyes said. (Ino or Blond Banshee)

Levi sweat dropped at that.

"I guess that's another fan girl of that Sasuke guy Kurama. "

"I guess so Kit. Now let me sleep." He replied.

"Lazy fox."

But he hadn't got an answer back so he knew Kurama went back to sleep.

"Well of course they did. After all we went to much trouble to save them, it would be for nothing if they didn't." The pineapple haired guy said.

Naruto then heard a guy with an green jumpsuit say something to a silvered hair guy.

"I see your team didn't do so bad Kakashi. They must've gotten pretty lucky. Of course with my team is still around, your team is doomed of failure. And after all what matters on the next test is ability, and we've got you far outclassed. Well I guess that part of growing up is learning to deal with heartbreak, huh Kakashi?" The green jumpsuit guy said.

The silvered hair man who he learned was named Kakashi replied, "What did you say something?"

Them the the bushy browed man started to internally freak out.

"All right Kakashi you win this round, but boy that drives me nuts when you act so cool. There's no way I'm gonna let you get the best of me!" The Green jumpsuit man thought angrily. (Guy)

"So that's Guy Sensei's enternal river eh? Well if I were to judge him on looks alone I'd say Guy Sensei would loss." A girl with buns thought.(Ten Ten)

"Guy sensei is just the coolest teacher ever! I mean he's so cool he practically shines with cool! You watch Guy sensei one day I will make you proud of me!" A kid with bushy eyebrows and a green jumpsuit thought. (Lee)

"As expected all the best are here but I'm surprised to see that guy here I expected him to be out since he doesn't have a team since he is doing it solo. (A/N He is referring to Naruto if you haven't caught on)

Saskue Uchiha huh?" Thought a certain guy with some hair that kinda look like belts. (Neji)

"I can't believe it only seven teams of  twenty six are left." Thought A Blond girl with a giant fan thought. (Temari)

"Sure enough not a scratch is on Garra." Thought the sand ninja instructor thought.

"Akumaru is acting strange." Thought Kurenai. (I give up on describing them...fine I will keep doing it)

"Hey look all of the Leaf Village rookies are here as well." Said Pink Banshee said. (Sakura)

"Say everyone's here Dad, Iruka sensei, and even bushy brow it looks like absolutely nobody got left out this time!" Said Misha.

"I don't have a good feeling about this." Said duckbutt (Sasuke)

"It's hard to believe a lot of them are left and a lot are rookies. So that's why they fought so hard to recommend them." Thought Minato.

"Alright now listen Lord Hokage is going to explain the exam to you. You better listen carefully maggots." Anko explained.

She then turned to Minato and said, "Alright Lord Hokage they are all yours."

"Thank you Anko. First before I tell you what the third exam will be, I wan to explain something about the test itself. Listen closely okay it's something all of you need to understand. I'm going to tell you the truth about these exams."

Sorry I cut that off short I wanted to get this chapter out as soon as possible next chapter WILL be posted next Friday I guarantee that. Also the third Hokage the guy who eats the souls just speared him but he also hated Naruto.......anyway hope you enjoyed bye.

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