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Okay, you amazing people! I just want to say that I'm so grateful for all your support and lovely messages (: I know I haven't been as active as before because things are always so busy but I really appreciate every single one of you for joining me on this story! It means the world to me and I don't think I could express how thankful I am in words.

I thought I'd address a few things.

I know I've had a lot of questions about the Gabriel, Louisa and Talisa situation and I completely get how curious lots of you are. Without giving too much away, I can say that things always turn out well in the end (;

I love Gabriesa like crazy too, haha, and if people are truely meant for each other, things will always work out.

Alright, I should stop before I give something away (;

I hope that's given you all some sort of relief on where the story is heading! <3 Now that that's sorted, I'd like to talk about the journey till that ending.

There's something important I think I should touch on since I've read some negative comments about Gabriel and Talisa as individuals.

My style and intention when writing is never to write an picture-perfect story that makes people happy. When writing, my aim has always been to show how conflicting the world can be and really show the external difficulties and internal struggle that people can go through.

My aim has been to expose the ups and downs of life, even if the downs seem to last for eternity, to show people that it's okay to feel low or angry for a long time.

And most importantly my aim has always been to do the story justice.

That also means I don't see much point in writing characters that undergo constant growth after going through something traumatising time and time again. I find little purpose in creating people who have some superpower of never getting angry or getting into a negative cycle, because that doesn't happen in real life. People make mistakes, people change for the worse and people can stay annoying, upset or bitter for weeks, months and often years.

Of course it all isn't negative. So, although this series may make you want to cry and strangle people, I hope that it also makes you laugh and smile.

Through my works, I intend to show how happiness can sometimes appear when one is at rock bottom or be gifted by the last person you and I would expect in addition to how a single kind gesture can change someone's life.

I'm truely sorry if it irritates some of you readers but I will never stop portraying a characters flaws and faults. Because everyone has them and they don't disappear overnight.

If we want someone at their best, I think it's important to accept them at their worst :)

So with a heavy heart, I will say that if you are finding it extremely difficult to understand some of the characters behaviour and find it frustrating, you may want to stop reading. I say this because I sincerely believe that everyone should put themselves first and I'd hate for any of you amazing people to be upset. That's the last thing I'd wish for because you are all incredible people.

I just wanted to write this note because I felt it was important for you all to have another reminder of how turbulent 'Fortune's Fool' has always been from the very start to present day.

When creating this series, my sole goal had always been realism, not idealism. It still is and will continue to be.

Thank you and best wishes to all,
Kiwi x

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