Eternal Darkness Tour

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“Run!” He screamed. “We’re going to miss it!” We get on the bus just in time for the tour to make its way to the next stop. “Next stop on this tour of departed souls, The Murder House.” Starts the tour guide.

“Here we have the Montgomery House, or rather The Murder House. This picturesque Victorian has been scene for some of the most horrific acts know to Melbourne for the past 90 years. It constantly changes owners, and, actually, the current owners have fled the house in the middle of the night. These owners weren’t the first to succumb to the evil that’s in every corner of this house. Today we have a rare opportunity to go inside the Murder House. So, stay together, everybody, and no wandering off. Wouldn’t want anyone to get viciously murdered or mutilated. Just kidding. The house was built in 1925 for Dr. Carl and Mary Montgomery and their daughter, Starlene. Carl Montgomery was the doctor to the stars in his day and Mary, his well-socialite wife. Dr. Montgomery had an unfortunate addiction to alcohol, leading most of his clientele to leave him. The doctor and Mary resorted to doing back-alley abortions to make ends meet. In 1926 Starlene was kidnapped. She was returned home, but diced up and pickled in specimen jars. Dr. Montgomery couldn’t leave the dead to rest, and brought something back to life, the sight of which, drove Mary mad and caused her to kill her husband, what remained of Starlene, and herself.”

“Where are you going? You can’t leave the group.” I turn to Isaac and ask. He starts wandering off and I follow him. “Are you listening?” He keeps walking. He walks into somewhat of a basement and we’re all alone. “Come on, Isaac, let’s go back to the tour.” He turns to face me and I look him in the eyes but instead of his regular blue, they’re a dark black. He approaches me and – Oh no

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