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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 11 ~ The Search

"Why don't you text him?" Hayley suggested as we sat under a tree eating our lunch. It was a sunny day out today, and we'd both brought our own lunches. 

I had changed out of my dirty clothes and wore some of Hayley's spare gym wear. I had also managed to get off most of the paint from my face as well.

It had been hours since this morning's chaos and no one had seen a glimpse of Walter. I had caught up with Gomez, and he had said that he hadn't seen Walter and he'd let me know if he did. According to him Eli hadn't even attended school today, which made me worry about how he was coping with the 'argument' yesterday. Hopefully he was okay, just bunking off. 

"Do you think so?" I asked. 

"Yeah just do it!" Hayley said before taking a gulp of her water. 

So I typed out:

Hey, sorry about art. Where r u?

I clicked send, and sighed. "I'm so stupid Hayley."

"Yeah, you are and that's what makes life interesting."

I turned to look at her. "Thanks."

"I'm kidding silly. I know you didn't mean for that to happen. Who would?" 

 I sighed again, "But he was so happy, and so was I. I bet you he wont even turn up to Physics."

"Don't say that, he probably went out to get some air." Hayley said.

But I wasn't listening to her. "And I'm probably gonna have to do the presentation by myself. There's no way I'm doing it with Lucinda, who, if I may add, stayed out of it completely."

Hayley rolled her eyes. "Shut up Coral, why so negative?"

I couldn't be bothered to answer that, so I shrugged and closed my eyes, wishing the day would fast forward to the end where I got to go home. Or preferably when I got to go to bed.


So there I stood in front a class of twenty one bored seniors. Alone. Lucinda was sitting at the back completely avoiding eyes-contact and Mrs Stone hadn't even bothered to ask why I was the only one at the front. She probably knew from the beginning that it wouldn't work out. And worse still, was the fact that Walter had our presentation on his hard-rive and I so I hadn't bought my notebook. I had tried to tell Mrs Stone that, but she said I could say it from memory and that she'd deal with Lucinda later.  I swear she just wanted to watch me suffer.

I was hoping Walter would come back and save me but when he didn't I reluctantly got started.

It was the longest ten minutes of my life. Of course if we had had the presentation we spent so long working on it would have been a whole lot longer, but I had to do it off memory and so I tried to make it as short as possible and that was also because I couldn't remember all my notes. The class weren't really listening, and after I had finished, I barely got a decent clap. I was pretty mad about how it had managed to end up this way, but I kept quiet. 

When the final bell rung, I met Hayley outside the school gates. It was Friday, and even though we had loads of homework, we usually spent our afternoons hanging out. Whether it was the food court, or the movies we find something fun to do. But today, I wasn't feeling as enthusiastic and I also had detention in half an hours time. I was confused, a little mad and also feeling a little guilty. Confused as to why Walter hadn't replied. A little mad as to why Walter hadn't even showed up to our presentation which ended so badly. And guilty because it was my fault Walter had been given a detention and that it had gotten him angry. 

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