Ch.1 The half-blood

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“Expect the unexpected…”

If someone asked me what I would do the next time I see my father my answer would definitely confuse if not downright stupefy them.

Ducarius Louarn. The man who raised me, on his own, for eighteen years. The person who took care of my daily needs, taught me everything I know and protected me from all the threats of the outside world. The man whom I call ‘father’. 

If I see him now I would wring his fucking neck and hang him upside down while I bleed him dry. That is what I’d do the next time I see my father.

Alright so maybe not the hanging upside down and bleeding part, that was just me being nasty, but I would surely wring his damned neck or I would at least try. The man may be old but he still packs a very mean punch and to my utter shame I haven’t won a single round from him since he started to train me in combat when I was just five years old. Still, my odds of winning would not stop me from trying to beat the crap out of him. The damned bastard has done it now!

“I swear old man if you don't turn back and pick me up right now the next time I see you I will tear you apart limb from limb!” I hissed through the mobile phone poised by my ear.

To an outsider, listening to the conversation, what he would hear would be a venomous threat, dark and dangerous and to the point. When my temper gets the best of me the sound of my voice, my very presence turns feral and otherworldly. I guess it’s got to do with the demonic blood running through my veins. My cold and viciously delivered threat is enough to give anyone pause and raise a few hairs on someone’s neck. I’m not being egotistical, it’s just the way things are.

Unfortunately, my type of venom doesn't work on my old man because the answer to my perfectly delivered threat is a hearty peal of laughter.

Being a knighted hunter of the Fraternity my father have met all manners of dark creatures and I sometimes think if there’s still something on this earth that scares him. I guess trying to intimidate him was a bad move but at the moment I’m beyond thinking about strategies. I’m not equipped for thinking at all since I am fucking flipping out!

 “Ducarius!” I snapped when he continued to laugh on the other line. I don’t know what’s so funny. I, for one, don’t find anything funny with this situation he placed me on. “I’m not kidding, get back here right now!”

There was a sudden pause and infinite silence on the other line. I frowned and looked at the display to make sure the call was still connected. It was.

“Is it really that scary to stay in the academy, Azura?” His husky and calm voice rattled my already battered senses.

He knew damned well why I couldn’t stay at Saint Hubert Academy.

To the regular populace Saint Hubert Academy is just another prestigious school catering to the elite and select few. But in truth, the academy is a training ground for paranormal hunters aiming to be knighted within the Fraternity.

The Fraternity is a brotherhood founded over a thousand years ago by men and women who hunt supernatural beings attacking the masses. Dark creatures have been slithering within the dark corners of the earth harming the innocent for food or sport and hunters have been around for centuries fighting a war to eradicate these threats.

The main goal of the Fraternity is to hunt down and exterminate anything that is a threat to society in general.

There are two types of hunters, those who are knighted within the Fraternity and those who are not. Rogue hunters are not as skilled, well equipped and certainly less knowledgeable than those within the Fraternity.

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