Part 15: Test Week

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Author's Note:
School is a bitch. I'm only uploading on Sunday, since I have to go to school in person.

1 more year and I'm out of that hellhole!

Also, I want to thank my friend leaisreadingescapade who helped me a lot with the story!

Preston's POV

Monday, October 15th - Morning, 7:30 AM

Remember when I thought I woke up the wrong Brittany? Today Britt looked at me like she woke up the wrong Preston. She wakes up at 6:30 AM, and I wake up at like 7.

I mean, she probably did this so we don't have to run to the bus stop to greet Annabeth. Oh, and this is probably why she woke me up early this time. Her bus is supposed to be here around this time, but I'm not seeing it.

One shocking thing is that we always see Leah and Bennett walking to school when we run to the stop. But this time we didn't even see them. Katherine is always inside the school with Ellen, so it's just us two waiting for Annabeth's slow ass bus to roll on it's six wheels over here.

"How can he be so slow... and I feel as if she's late." I say, completely dead from sleeping only four hours in total. I also feel as if I'm forgetting something. "I don't know..." Britt says, leaning back on the bench and closing her eyes.

I get an idea... it's perfect for revenge. I notice Annabeth's bus coming over here, and now I hope she doesn't fuck up my revenge. I slowly place my hand above Britt's shoulder, I will touch her shoulder really fast.

I know she will scream.

The bus stops and all of the doors open, and out exits Anne... who is getting dress coded.

What, it's a short white dress. Dress code rules be like:

'You can break only one rule.'

'Shoulders can't be visible.'

'Knees can't be visible.'

Oh well, she will deal with it later. When she sees the scene which is about to unfold, her facial expression changes to the most diabolical smile ever. It's like Kim Kardashian's face after she said 'it's what she deserves' in a clip.

"Hi guys!" Anne makes her greeting overly energetic, and Brittany opens her eyes.

"Hiy-" Before she could even finish, I drop my hand on her shoulder. Brittany lets out the loudest scream yet. She jumps up, almost falling off of the bench. "WHAT THE FUCK!?"

Her face goes red when I start laughing out loud. People around must think we're some degenerate elites.

"T-That's for ruining my sleep." I barely manage to get out between laughs. Brittany playfully bitch slaps my shoulder a few times. I finally regain my composure and turn to Annabeth. "You're getting dress coded."

"Is she?" Britt asks, then facepalms, muttering 'I'm so dumb'.

"I mean, Leah is bringing two cardigans, one for her and the other for me, so I'm avoiding getting sent home." Anne says with a smile. "Now, shall we survive this test week?"

"What test week?" Brittany and I ask in unison. Anne's eyes widen as she facepalms.

"You two are done for..." She quietly says as we start walking towards the school. Annabeth is in fact right, we're done for. People are walking and running around with books in their hands.

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