"So, that's my plan boys!" Liam says as they park across the street from Ella's work.

"So, my job is distract her while you two look for Dean's contact information on her phone?" Niall asks, turning off the ignition.

"Exactly!" Zayn grins. "It will be quick! Afterward, we'll text you with the info while you two go out to lunch. But make sure she leaves her phone in the back."

"Got it." Niall nods and sighs deeply. "Let's do this."

The three boys hop out of Niall's Audi R8. "All right let's split up! Good luck Horan." Liam nods at him. "Won't be too long."

Zayn and Liam quickly run around the block while Niall makes his way to the entrance. He opens the door and sees no one there.

"Perfect." He mumbles and pulls out his phone to call Ella.

On the fourth ring, she picks up. "Hey babe."

"Hey love," he smiles and looks around. "What are you doing?"

"Just finishing up a baby shower order. What about you?"

"I'm actually...inside the store. At the front. I wanted to know if you'd like to come eat lunch with me."

"Oh? Yeah that'd be nice. I thought you were seeing Zayn and liam?" She asks.

"Yeah but they had to go see some chicks. You know how they are. Anyway, whenever you're ready, I'll be out here."

"Sounds good, give me 5 minutes."

"All right, see you in a few." He says and hangs up quickly.

Suddenly Becky shows up from the office. "Niall! Oh hi! How are you lad?"

She goes up to him and embraces him. "Here for Ella?"

"Yes actually." He says and has to think of something quickly. "Can you get her for me?"

"Sure thing!" She pinches his cheeks and leaves him alone standing.

He hopes Becky's distraction will make Ella forget to grab her phone from the table she always lays it on.

He cross his fingers absentmindedly and waits patiently. After two minutes, Ella shows up, no phone in sight.

"Hiiii," she says and kisses his cheek. "Ready!"

"All right. Let's go," he grabs her hand and leads her out.

He decides not to ask about her phone immediately. "Good day so far?"

"Yes sir," she says. "Busy morning though."

He opens the door for her and helps her inside. "That's good."

He shuts the door and quickly walks around the car. He slides into the driver's seat and turns on the car.

"Got everything?" He asks as he buckles himself.

"Yeah," she says. "Got everything!"

Oh shit.

He nods and pulls out into the street. "All right, let's go eat!"


After ordering their sub sandwiches, Niall quickly texts Zayn "CODE RED: SHE SAID SHE HAS HER PHONE!!"

"Have you started packing for Wednesday?" She asks.

"Sort of, just gotta handle some last minute business." He lies and his phone vibrates.

"Bro, it's all good. She left it on a table. So we got the info! ;)" Zayn replies.

Thank. God.

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