Day 12: Explaining Shipping Can Be Complicated

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                                                                        You’ve got the keys,

                                                                       Now shut up and drive.


Start Destination: Oberhausen, Germany

End Destination: Berlin, Germany

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07:36AM (GMT) / 8:36AM (Local Time)


The next day we get off to an early start, nobody except Levi seems to be happy with this decision.

I was right with my prediction that he would wake me up, although it was not intentional on his part the noise he made walking into the room was enough to wake all of us up and so he was met by three very disgruntled teenage girls when he turned his bedside lamp on. And then to make it up to us he somehow decided it would be a good idea to tell us all about what he got up to.

And so none of us are impressed and in fact I think all three of us girls are more or less ready to sleep. Which is why it is a good job Levi is driving.

After a small argument – and a round of rock, paper, scissors to settle it – Elise and I make our way into the back seats and with a huff Rosie settles down on the passenger seat. As soon as she looks at Levi disapprovingly I can see exactly how this journey is going to go.

She slumps down into her seat and sends Levi a glare when he begins to hum a song which I faintly recognise. Luckily – or unluckily depending on how you view it – Levi does not notice and carries on. I watch as Rosie’s hands clench into fists, it is a well known fact that she does not cope well with a lack of sleep and as she blames Levi for her tiredness, he is likely to be her first target when she inevitably gets annoyed.

I watch on, slightly – and justifiably – nervous as Rosie rubs her temples.

Levi’s humming gets louder.

Rosie whirls around to face him, he still doesn’t notice.

Levi’s song reaches its crescendo and Levi adjusts his volume to fit the moment, unluckily for him Rosie seems to reach her breaking point just about them and punches him on the arm. It looks to be hard.

“Ow,” he whines, “what was that for?”

“Your humming,” Rosie replies.

“So what, I’m not allowed to hum anymore? I’m pretty sure that that is an infringement on my personal rights.”

Rosie replies by rolling her eyes at him and she seriously looks so done with his shit. Judging by Elise’s expression she is not the only one. Levi’s other arm may be hurting just as much soon; it says something that I am more worried about it affecting his driving than anything else.

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