Amour ( Poem)

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Love is difficult

Love is blind

But it’s the only thing on my mind

It may be rough

It may be smooth

But in the end it gets me through

Love may be strong

Love may be weak

But sometimes that’s all you need

Some say love is full of colours

Some say it’s only one shade

But love is the one thing you can never hate

Love can be a good thing

Or it may be bad

It could be a feeling you once had

Love can be a simple thing

Like loving your mom

It can be a beautiful thing

 Like singing a song

Love is something as big as god

It may be painful

Like walking on hot rod

Love is spreading as far as you can see

It reminds us who we want to be

Love is like the wind swaying back and forth

It is everywhere, east, west, south and north

Love is simply saying “hi” on the phone

It can be important as your precious home

Love is something that shows us the light

It’s the only thing we all need in life