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I can't go to sleep. The looming threat of rehabilitation camp hangs over me, like the canopy on the childrens bed I used to own. I know I should run, but I can't. They would find me. I need to plan instead. The door opens with a creak. It's him. I offer a  fake smile, but he does not return the favor. 

        "I can't save you," his voice is solemn, "You tried to kill me." 

        "Save me from what?" I ask. His mouth tenses.

        "Don't play dumb, Kate. You know where bad servants go," he says. I pick myself off my scratchy mattress, and walk over to him, putting my hand on his cheek. "Stop that. You're a liar. A fake. A whore."

        "You will leave for the camp tomorrow," a woman's voice sounds. His wife appears from the corner. She looks more radiant than normal, a smug smile on her tight face.

        "Goodbye, Katelyn," Xavier says. Before he leaves, I see a flash of sympathy in his face. I don't need anyone's pity. I just need to go. As the door shuts, I formulate my plan. 

I pack some servants clothes, and take a picture from off the wall. Maybe I can buy safe transport. I lift the window, and put my legs outside. The wind blows through my hair. I'm free... I'm really free. I can actually see the whole world in--

        "You actually think that we would leave you alone?" A man's gruff voice sounds. I feel a sharp sting in my arm, and the world goes black.

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