Freshman (Prolouge)

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  Freshman year; the year we begin discovering ourselves. For example, we discover how much of an irrelevant speck of dust we are on the food chain that is also known as high school. 

        We learn that we must build ourselves up to be knocked down again. I guess that’s just what happens in life.

        Like if you get a job, meet new people, learn new things and suddenly you get laid off. Where do you begin to build yourself up once again? I guess that’s what we learn in high school; How to build ourselves up just to be knocked down again.

We’ve all experienced it too, having to rebuild and remodel ourselves just to fit the standards of the people around us.

        But going into high school is taking a leap into the unknown, while being blind. Except this leap into the unknown is like leaping into a paper shredder.

        You go in, get eaten alive and the come out with the littlest part of you that you have left. It’s this part of us that that becomes the most important part of us, whether we admit it or not.

        We learn geometry, chemistry, American literature and the occasional way to hide weed without our parent finding out. But what we really learn is how to deal with our mistakes.

I’ve made my share of mistakes and moved on, but there is one mistake that consumes me and will forever be lurking at my side.

One mistake that I bring along with me wherever my life may take me.

This is my favorite mistake and his name is Christian Gailey.

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