Chapter 131

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Friday, July 19

Since Blake is doing "guy stuff" with DJ & Matt, Brielle is coming with me to this meeting while KJ is hanging out with his best friend, Ford.

After getting out of the shower and putting on my undergarments, I threw on some shorts, a white tank top with white Converse. I tied a red flannel around my waist, then I went in the nursery to get Brielle so we could go.

I went downstairs holding Bri in my left arm with her bag thrown over my right shoulder. Damn, I feel like such a mom.

I grabbed my keys, went out to my car to strap my baby in and we left to go to the studio.


I got Brielle and her bag out of the car and walked inside the studio to see Monique, Jordan & Eric lying on the floor.

"What the hell are y'all doing?" I asked.

They all jumped up and ran up to me. I can feel the love.

"We were waiting on you," Eric said.

"Well, I'm here now; let's get started."

Jordan took Brielle, who was still in her carrier, and sat in a chair. Monique, Eric & I sat on the floor around a notepad and Monique's computer.

"So what all do I need to know about this upcoming show?" I asked, putting my hair in a high ponytail.

"You're doing a dance with me," Eric said with a goofy ass grin.

I chuckled and shook my head, "what song?"

"'Already Taken', and then me, you & Tyreke are doing one together. It's gonna be a lot of fun; I know you'll like it."

I smiled a little and nodded. "What else did y'all throw me into?"

"Me, you & Monique are doing one together to 'Look At Me Now'," Jordan said, "we've already choreographed our individuals parts. You are gonna go ape shit when you see Monique's choreography."

Seeing how excited they were only made me more excited.

"We're also doing 'Run The World' & 'Flawless' because it'll be a slap in the face to Tyrell, and then we're doing '7/11' just for fun," Monique said.

"This sounds fun," I said, "I can't wait."

"And I know you have stuff to do today, so we're not gonna go over choreography," Monique said, closing her laptop, "besides, you're a fast learner."

I nodded and got up off the floor. I watched Eric, Jordan & Monique look at each other and smirk, making me raise an eyebrow.


"We just wanna see you dance one time," Jordan said, "it's been so long."

"And it'll be Brielle's first time seeing her mommy dance," Monique said, playing with Brielle's feet.


"Pleeease, Bri," Eric begged, "do you know how long it's been since we've seen you dance? It's been too long and to be honest, it's boring around here without you. So could you please just do this for us?"

I looked at the three of them and they were all smiling at me like a bunch of freaks. My friends are so got damn weird.

"Alright, fine," I said as I stretched, "pick a song."

"'Hey Daddy!'" Jordan blurted. She smirked at me and I knew exactly why.

I playfully rolled my eyes at her and waited for the music to start. Once it did, I began to dance and I must say, I wasn't doing so bad considering I hadn't danced in about ten months.

When the song came to an end, Monique, Jordan & Eric crowded around me, and they were basically trying to talk at the same time.

"When are you officially coming back because we need your ass back in here," Jordan said, handing Brielle to me.

"As soon as I find someone to watch the little one."

Our conversation was cut short when Tyreke ran up to me and took Brielle. I don't know who's more obsessed with my child -- Deshawn, DJ or Tyreke.

"Hey Bri! I missed you, girl!" he said, giving me a hug.

"I missed you too! Where's your triflin' ass brother?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

He chuckled, "he's outside."

It's almost like he knew we were talking about him because not even two seconds later, he walked in. He walked up to Brielle and made funny faces at her, trying to get her to smile. I just stood there and watched this fake fuck interact with my daughter. The fucking nerve.

He then turned to me and smiled, "hey Bri."

He walked up to me and hugged me, and I reluctantly hugged back.

"Hey Tyrell," I said, putting emphasis on his name, "how have you been?"

"I've been pretty good, but I've missed you."

Shut the fuck up.

"Mhm," I said, taking Brielle, "well y'all, this has been fun, but I gotta go --"

"Why don't you stay for a little while?" Tyrell asked, "I'm sure the kids would love to see you."

"I can't. I have to handle my duties as a wife & a mother," I said, making Jordan & Monique laugh, "I'll see y'all tomorrow though."

I quickly left the studio before anyone said anything. I didn't feel like hearing Tyrell ask me why I was being so standoffish.

I put Brielle in the car, got in the driver's seat and drove to Brynn's house to pick up the boys.


Why is Tyrell so fake?

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