100% Perfect Ch.15

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100% Perfect Ch. 15

**Bailey's POV

"Please don't run." John says, leading me up to his room. My mom and Gordon left in another direction. I swallow.

"I can't exactly get anywhere without getting eaten by something." I say sarcastically. John smiles a bit. My heart flutters.

"Well then, okay, I can assure you I'm no cannibal and I have no intentions of leading you to some sort of dinosaur." I laugh at his remark.

"Bailey, I'm getting closer." Poppy says. 

"Good." I say silently think back.

"That's good, stomach acid isn't the best thing to soak in." I say back to John before he can say something about my zoning out.

We walk into his room, a simple guy's room with a bed and stuff strewn across the floor. The walls are a dark shade of blue, the carpets a dark beige. There's a small TV in the corner with an XBox hooked up to it.

"Sorry about the mess." He says throwing a comforter into a some-what neater position on his bed.

"Sit down." He smiles. I sit on his bed, and he gazes into my eyes. I look away. They remind me of Ben.

"Bai-freaking-ley! He likes you! Stop. Being. An. Idiot." Poppy says. How does she do that?! 

"Poppy, out of my head, now." I say, clenching my jaw.

"Is something wrong?" John says, looking at me quizically.

"Other than getting abducted by your brother and his friend, nope." I look off into the distance.

"Sorry about that." He mutters. John gets up and turns on the XBox, grabbing a controller.

"Wanna play?" He asks.

"I dunno how, but sure I guess." He hands me the smooth black controller. I watch as he moves about the screen, eventually clicking on Black Ops. Not that surprising, honestly. It was that or Halo. We shoot off zombies one by one, laughing and talking the whole time. I find out he's a year older than me, fourteen. He flips his perfectly cut brown hair, and his blue-green eyes light up as he smiles. I swear, he's nearly perfect.

"How can you say you've never played before? You're better than me!" He says as I shoot multiple undead miscreants.

"I promise you, I haven't!" 

**Poppy's POV

I sit on the world's dirtiest subway. I mean really, it can't be that hard to clean this place. I'm getting closer now, I can feel Bailey. Doesn't that sound stalkerish?

"Kid, aren't you a little too young to be on this thing alone?" Some awkward creeper says. I ignore him.

"Yo. I'm talking to you." I steadily ignore his repulsive voice.

He grabs my arm.

"Look at me." He says. In a quick move I peel my arm away.

"Don't. Touch. Me." I say, without bothering the idiot a glance.

"Oh, and what are you, like twelve? I'll do whatever I want." He says, reaching for my arm again. God, what does this retard not understand?

"And what are you, like five? Did your mommy not tell you to stay away from strangers?" I retort, yanking my arm away. I certainly couldn't kick him in the crotch without a) Standing up b) Drawing attention to myself or c) Getting kicked off the subway.

"Not the pretty ones." I gagged. What was this guy? Like, forty? He touched my arm again. I threw my hand back, hitting him in the mouth.

"What the hell?!" He yells, leaping up. I'm trapped between him and the wall. He grabs me by the leg in one hand, touching his bleeding mouth with another. The other people on the subway stand up, gasping. I automatically roll over, and he loses grip of my foot. I stand up, waiting for him to come at me. Sure enough, the imbecile does.

"Sis! You okay?" I hear Bailey say in the back of my mind.

"Just kicking some pedo in the crotch." I say back, lunging my foot at the guy's little sensitive square. He tumbles over, just as a security guard comes over. I just realize that the tram has stopped.

"What's going on here?!" She says, looking at me. I suddenly notice how bad the image looks, with Mr. Pedobear on the ground in the fetal position, and me, defending myself.

"He violated me." I say, as calmly as possible.

"I. Didn't Do anything." The guy groans out, still keeling in pain. It can't possibly be that bad. 

"You need to come with me." The woman says.

You've got to be kidding me.

**Bailey's POV

I chew on my lip. Poppy, I suspected, was definitely NOT in a good position. 

"Here, want some chips?" John says, tossing me a bag of Lays. 

"Thanks." I say, grabbing a handful. We're in the living room now, watching some random TV show. The salty goodness rests in my mouth as I chew, but I can't really taste it. John is intrigued by the show, it's apparent in his thoughts. The show is 'Jersey Shore', I think. I see some orange girl with a poof in her hair. She's pretty cool I guess.

"Dude, this show is so stupid, yet so funny." John says. I smile, glancing back at the screen.

"Bailey, not good, not good, not good!" I hear Poppy say.

"What happened?" I say back, chewing on a chip.

"Stop that annoying crunching sound! Ugh, some old man was hitting on me and I told him to screw off. He wouldn't, so I kicked him in the balls. In trouble with security now." She says.

"Lovely." I say back, accidentally out loud.

"What?" John says.

"Uh, sorry, just thinking out loud."

"Uh...Okay?" He says, looking back at the screen, shoveling chips down his perfect face. He has little freckles too, and they're so cute.

"BAILEY! JEEZ WOMAN! I CAN HEAR YOU!" Poppy shouts at me, and I cringe.

"Block me out?" I say back.

"This is awesome, isn't it?" John says.

"Haha, yup." I say. Now lemme tell you, getting kidnapped by two weirdos and becoming the friend of one of their brothers is not exactly awesome, especially when your genetically altered twin sister is captured by subway security. She could easily be found now.

"I'm happy you're here." John says, smiling at me. Hard to resist that smile...perfect white teeth..cute di-


I have the best sister in the world, don't I?

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