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I'm in my bedroom packing the last of my stuff when I receive a text from Tuck.

Meet at Alex's house.

I put my phone in my back pocket and slip on my black vans. I pull my grey beanie over my light brown hair and grab my skateboard. I ride my board all the way to Alex's house and climb up the small hill.

Tuck and Alex are here, but not Munch. Tuck as always has his camera out. Alex pull out his phone and shows us what happened to it.

"What happened to it?" I say, examine the weird picture on the phone.

"I don't know, I was sitting at dinner when this happened. I've taken it to the phone store, looked it up online, everything you can think of and everyone says nothing is wrong with it." Alex says.

Tuck's phone rings and he answers it. I look at Tuck and points in the direction at the bottom of the hill. Alex and I turn to see Munch waving. Tuck turns his phone on speaker phone, so we can all hear.

"Has anything happened to the phones?" Alex says.

"Good...good" Munch says through the phone getting closer to the house. He climbs the hill and keeps moving around the backyard. "Woah! It looks like it like barfed or something."

"Wait a minute it looks like a map. Why the hell is this happening?" I state confused.

"I can do some research and see what I find." Munch says, taking a picture of the phone and leaving.

"I gotta go to Alex it's almost dinner time. I'll do some research of my own. See you tomorrow guys." I say about to walk down the hill with my skateboard.

"Bye, Aurora!" I hear from both Tuck and Alex. I skate all the way to my house and grab some pizza, heading to my room.

I sit at my desk where my laptop is stationed. I Google the picture we found. I've been sitting at the computer with no luck when I get a message from Munch.

It's a replica of the picture from Alex's phone. It's a desert, so I was right. It's a map. A couple of minutes later I'm face chatting with the guys.

"It's a map are we following it?" I ask.

"Maps are supposed to be followed." Munch says.

"When do we do it then? Saturday?" Tuck says.

"I'm leaving Saturday." Both Alex and I say at the same time.

"Friday night then. It will be our last night together. Who's in?" Tuck continues.

"I'm totally in! It's an adventure! Who doesn't like an adventure?" I exlaim, spinning around in my chair, earning a chuckle from Alex. Everyone has agreed. We just need to persuade Munch to join.

"Fine, I'll go!" Munch says defeated. I silently cheer and we all sign out. This is going to be an epic adventure.

First Chapter! What do you think? It's a bit difficult because of the way the movie is made, so I'm trying! Anyway...comment, vote, and share!


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