part 11: Argus and the abominations

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Issei was just sitting on the bed in the hotel room looking at the lamp. He didn't feel like joining the others cause it's too much of a crowd, after an hour or so Qrow comes into the room through the window.

Issei: hey Qrow.

Qrow changes back to his human form.

Qrow: hey kid, it's my turn to guard the lamp.

Issei: ....alright. see ya in the sky.

He gives him the lamp and flies out the window. He goes to the tallest tower, sits on it and enjoys the view.

Ddraig: It's nice.

Issei: yeah.

Ddraig: there's something you should know. Deactivate the gear and look at your arm.

He does as he's told notices that half of his arm has red scales.

Issei: the dragon's power is building up....

Ddraig: it is, it will continue to do so to point you turn into a full blooded dragon....

Issei: ..... I just know there's a "but" coming.

Ddraig: yes.

Issei: oh boy..

Ddraig: you're turning into a dragon and you've been betrayed by all your lovers, when you turn into a dragon... you'll suffer the curse dragons fear. The dragon's fall.

Issei: ....

Ddraig: when that happens... You'll die....and being a dragon gives you great resilience..which makes the death slow and painful.... But there's another way... Let your feeling out, stop dividing them and let them flow. A dam can only last for so long..


Ddraig: Yang likes you, ya know?

Issei: I'm not ready Ddraig...I don't know if I ever will be.... Right now none of that matters.. Remnant needs us.

Ddraig: then learn to love again partner, the people here aren't driven my desires as much as those back in our dimension.

Issei: .........we really aren't in our dimension. I'm a stray devil... I'm surprised my pieces haven't changed.

Ddraig: because they already mutated due to your promotions but they are a bit unstable, your dragon transformation might be the cause.

Issei: I'm basically part devil, part dragon with another dragon inside me.

Ddraig: yes but you'll be more dragon than devil, how long till you turn into a full dragon is unknown. Probably because I'm keeping your emotions divided.

Issei: so if you stop doing that then I'll turn into a dragon even faster...

Ddraig: ....yes...

Issei: *sigh*. We'll think of something.

He goes back to the top and spends the day there, just enjoying the view. It's almost sunset now and he's hungry.
He walks over to the edge of the building and leaps off.

Issei dives straight down, he felt the rush of the cool air caress his being as he looked straight down. A few seconds before hitting the ground, he spread his wings and took off flying to a near by diner, after having a late lunch, he paid and flies out. He then cruises through the air for a while until he reaches the pier, he sees RWBY, JNPR and Jaune's sister with her wife and son. There are people surrounding Pyrrah, asking for her autograph, taking pictures with her. Pyrrah looks like she's having fun but she's not, Jaune and the others try to shoo them away. He then looked at his arm and summoned the gear to hide it.

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