Chapter 13

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"Girl wake up! Gosh dang it i said wake!" the man said.

"Huh?" Sarah spoke. "Who are you?"

"I'm your next door neighbor Sarah. My bad I must've hit the memories right out of you," the man spoke.

The man helped Sarah off the ground. Sarah stumbled backwards into the white vase on her mother's favorite wooden table.

"Oh yeah sorry Joe," Sarah remembered.

"That's fine? What's the noise coming from yer upstairs?" Joe questioned.

"Peter!" Sarah screamed.

Sarah bursted into a sprint up the stairs with Joe close behind. The horror that was going through Sarah's mind was tremendous. She thought of Peter being dead. They is what she was afraid of. Her only brother. Dead.

She finally reached the room. The ghost woman was cradling Peter in her arms.

"Peter!" Sarah screeched.

Sarah ran toward them both.

"No!" the woman ordered.

Again, the woman had used her mind to make Sarah fly into the wall. Sarah let out a wince. Sarah got back up.

"Joe we need to get to the candle to blow it out!" Sarah yelled. "Distract her!"

"Hey you ugly bitch let go if him!" Joe mocked.

The ghost woman looked at Joe. This was Sarah's chance. She ran towards the candle and blew it out. The ghost let out one last screech, and disappeared. Sarah passed out once again from fear.

"Peter are you okay?" Joe asked.

"Oh my head," Peter moaned.

Joe helped Peter to his feet. Peter took a look at Joe. He knew that Joe had seen everything. He had to kill him otherwise he would go to the police.

"Now I'm gonna take you two to the police because this is weird," Joe says.

"No you can't do that!" Peter shouted.

Peter picked the long knife that the ghost carried. He was angry. That's not good.

"Peter what are you doing with that?"
Joe questioned.

"You know I never really did like you," Peter responded.

Peter took a swing at Joe's throat. He missed. Joe ran out of the room, but Peter was quick, and caught up to him. He took another slash. This time Joe was ready for him, and grabbed onto the sword-like knife. Back and forth the knife went as they both pulled with all their might. Peter had enough. He kicked Joe in the balls, and snatched the knife away. Joe fell to the ground; he screamed in pain. Peter took one last swing at his kneck. He sliced Joe's head right off his body. Joe's lifeless body fell to the ground with a thud. Peter and Sarah were safe once again.

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