Horrid Memories (110 views special!)

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Guess who got 110 views on their book? Me! How exactly do you guys even like this??? I honestly find it confusing but I continue to write for your entertainment! This is the special part I promised. Misao special! It's her special time to shine all alone!

Misao sighed, her head buried in her hands. She shuddered. Her thoughts flashed back to a few hours ago, when Ben forcefully kissed her. And Kudoh knocked the hell out of him....somehow it seemed so familiar, all of it did. She just didn't know why. It frustrated her as well. That's when it came back.......it all came back.

The Flashback

It had been 7 pm, the bus broke down only a few blocks away from the neighborhood Misao, Tohma, and Kudoh called home. The busdriver had ran off to go get help since the radio didn't work and neither did her phone. Misao sat in the fourth seat from the front of the bus. She laid her hands lightly in her lap, sighing in boredom. She glanced out the window. It was getting late and awfully dark, giving the bus an eerie look. The dim light of the appearing full moon shone through the multiple windows. It seemed like a beautiful shadow moonlit wonderland in Misao's eyes. She smiled sweetly. Kudoh sat isolated in the back of the dark bus, listening to American music with his noise cancelling earphones in. Misao's smile faded. Kudoh had been such a good friend, now he was more distant for some reason. The early maturing teenage boy would ignore her as well, sometimes just fixing his spiky green hair when she was around to make himself seem so occupied. She gave a tiny shrug and turned back to see a familiar cute messy goldish blonde haired teen grinning at her from the seat infront. Misao blushed and smiled again, fiddling with her fingers."So.....how's it goin' Misao?"The boy asked, chuckling. Misao could barely say anything, afraid her words would come out wrong."We-well....I'm go-good Tohma......isn't th-the night so bea-beau-beautiful?"She stuttered, holding back a giggle of nervousness. Tohma ran a hand through his messy gold hair while flashing a melting cocky grin."Not as beautiful as the amazing creature I see sitting before me."He replied. Misao blushed, now unable to hold back her giggles. Kudoh looked up, glaring with a huff as he laid down in his seat. Tohma slid in with Misao, still grinning."You're so damn cute when you blush."He purred, pushing her against the closed window. She cocked a brow, her amber eyes glazed with slight fear."Who is this new Tohma?"Misao asked in a shaky voice.

Tohma chuckled, leaning forward. He placed his lips near her ear."The one who wants all of your sexy self to be his."He whispered seductively, nipping the tip of her ear. Misao's eyes widened. What....the hell....His hand had been on her waist. Tohma slowly slid it down, his fingers grazing her legs as they tried to slip into her skirt. Misao slapped him away."Get the hell away from me!"She cried out in fear. Kudoh had fallen asleep, his noise cancelling earphones still plugged in while the music played on high volume. Tohma pouted."Oh please! Come on, I just wanna show you a good time."He begged, seizing her ankle. Misao kicked him away as he came closer. His chains jingled as his hands clenched into fists. Rage overcame him."Wanna reject my nice offer? Fine, we can always do this the hard way honey."He snarled. Tohma lunged forward, slamming her against the side of the bus. The vehicle gave a small creak and shake, otherwise it stayed still. He forced a deep kiss, not allowing Misao to break away. He held her hands above her head, threatening her as she thrashed with a nip to her bottom lip. Therefore, her lip was bleeding alot. Tohma just licked up every droplet of blood. Misao cried softly. He tore off his uniform shirt, grinning. He was marvelous, amazingly toned, perfectly built. But Misao was scared.....scared of Tohma. She froze as he stripped her as well, grinning. She jumped to her feet as he slid off of her to remove his jeans. Tohma reacted quickly to her attempt to escape. He slammed her back against the bus side. Only this time, she howled in pain and the bus rocked violently from his action. Kudoh jolted awake, as well as jolting to sit up. He blinked slowly, his vision blurred at the moment. He rubbed his eyes, taking off his earphones. Kudoh glanced in the direction of Tohma and Misao."Oh my god! TOHMA!"He yelled. Kudoh jumped to his feet, growling with a protective gaze. Tohma came off of Misao, allowing her a chance to run. She was frozen in fear, traumatized. She couldn't make even her finger twitch. Kudoh advanced, growling as he nailed Tohma square in the jaw.

The memory flickered. That's why the move had been so familiar! But the memory still had more to it.

Tohma was knocked out, laying on the floor of the bus. Misao pulled on her clothes with a sob. Kudoh frowned, walking over. He gave her a tight hug."I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention......come on, I'll take you home."He murmured. Misao nodded. He picked her up bridal style, getting out of the bus while carrying their backpacks on his back. He nuzzled her with a kind smile. Misao returned the smile, returning to her frozen state as she secured her grip around his neck. Kudoh ran the rest of the way, making sure she didn't fall from his arms. He seemed like a strong knight in shining armor as the light of the full moon beamed down on him. Misao sighed and slipped from his arms as he halted at her doorstep. She gave him a peck on the cheek before taking her stuff and going inside. Misao recalled turning around to see a blushing and smiling Kudoh waving goodbye.

I like this one.......I love it. None of this ever took place in the game......I just decided to make it a memory for Misao in this book. But it's awesome, right? Anyways, finishing this part up at 124 views! Woo! From 90 something views to 124 in three days? Why do you people even like this? Please comment, favorite, follow, reccomend. It would mean a lot to me. Love ya! See you next chapter!

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