Chapter 13: The Marauders

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Chapter 13: The Marauders

"Harry! Harley!" Hermione called out and ran to them, followed by Ron. Harry, Harley, Fred, George and Padfoot were entering the common room. "Where were you guys?" Ron asked. "Oh, we had a blast! We had a little field trip in the land of Bacon a Mud!" Harley said sarcastically and stormed to her dormitory. Fred and George sighed, "We had a little glitch in a plan we had and arrived in Hogsqueal," they said. "Hogsqueal?" Hermione asked. "It was the land of talking pigs and rolling in mud which was also their feces," Harry said. That's when Hermione and Ron noticed they were covered in mud, even Padfoot. Padfoot huffed and trotted silently down, probably to go to the owlery or find a way to clean himself up. "Harley's grumpy because of the whole trip because of the hogs that were trying to pull her into their mud pens. Five tried  to bury her whole in the mud for "experience" and 10 wanted her to... well, I don't want to go to the details..." George said as he walked to the dormitories. "Yeah, I-uh-think I found a new place where mud entered, I better get scrubbing," Fred said. "I have to take a shower too, the mud's drying up," Harry said and followed Fred and George to their dormitories.

Later that evening, Harley walked to the Great Hall with Padfoot. She was using another route when she found a folded piece of parchment. Padfoot seemed jumpy upon seeing the folded parchment and tugged on her sleeve, forcing her wand to fall from her inner sleeve. "Padfoot, quit it," she hissed. But Padfoot kept on tugging. "Oh, I swear-- wait, 'I swear'?" she suddenly took a small peice of parchment from her pocket, "'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good'" she looked a Pafoot and it seemed like he nodded in approval of some sort. She tapped the front of the folded parchment with her wands and said, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," then, ink seemed to flow from the center of the parchment and traveled to the different dirrections the parchment had to offer. She saw words in a fancy scribble " 'Mrrs. Padfoot, Wormail, Moony and Prongs would like to present the Marauders Map' Padfoot?" she looked at Padfoot as she opened it to see small scribbles of names. One was of Mr. Filch's name passing in the same hall as Harley was. Padfoot whimpered and Harley quickly hid it inside of her robe and quickly scurried to the Great Hall. "How do you erase the illustrations from the parchment, Padfoot?" she asked but again, how was she so sure that Padfoot would answer? "Padfoot, I know you're one of the Marauders, tell me more on how to work the Map," she said under her breath, hoping that Padfoot would do something. "What do you know about the Marauders Map?" a voice asked and a hand wasgripping on Harley's shoulders. She was swung around, expecting to see some vicious monster but to see the Weasely twins. "Oh, It's just you guys," she said, "Why are you here? I thought you were already in the reat Hall."

"We just went to find something," Fred said. "Say, you haven't seen a peice of old  folded parchment anywhere, have you?" George asked. "None, but you might want to ask Filch, he might have found something, he's on his way here," she offered.  Fred eyed her suspiciously, "How do you know?" he asked. "Simple, Padfoot growled. He never growls unless he sense threat and danger... or if Filch is nearby. It's either Filch is on the otherside of the hall or it could be Sirius Black," she teased, "Why don't we wait here and find out?"

"No- no thanks, we have to go back to the Great Hall anyways," Fred said and went ahead of George. "I know you have tha Map, Harley. We have to talk about this with Fred and your brother in the Gryffindor tower, okay?"

"Um, sure," Harley said and George followed his brother. "the twins know about the Marauders too?" she asked Padfoot and Padfoot gave a "shrug" as if saying he doesn't know.

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