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"I been through some shit man
But I be on my shit man
I decided that what you give is what you're given
So I been tryna do it right
I been doing like
Whatever gets me through the night"
- Jhene Aiko


I slung my backpack over my shoulder while entering into the Dewey Apartments, also known as the worst apartments in this city

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I slung my backpack over my shoulder while entering into the Dewey Apartments, also known as the worst apartments in this city. The Dewey Apartments are notoriously known as the slums. Majority of the residents are heavily addicted to drugs, have multiple children that they don't take care of, and will literally sell their souls for a hit of whatever they're addicted to. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, this also happens to be where I've called home all my life.

I live with my mother, three sisters, and three brothers. We stay in a two bedroom apartment here. The boys have one room, the girls have the other, and my mom is usually passed out drunk on the couch in the living room. The only time you'll ever catch her leaving the house is when she has to go in for a meeting with her case worker to keep her assistance.

I don't have a dad, not that I know of anyways. My siblings, they all spend time with their dads every blue moon, but I've yet to see mine ever come around. Let my mom tell it, he doesn't even exist. I doubt I even exist in her mind. Being the middle child I tend to float by as it is.

"What's up li'l Shay!" I glanced over to the bench that sat in the middle of Dewey and waved to Mike. Mike runs these apartments. Everything he says is law around here. He controls the drugs, therefore he controls their minds. He even has some of the girls from my school hoe'n for him. I just keep it brief with a hi and bye with him because I damn sure ain't being turned out, so I make sure only to be friendly enough that I'm not deemed as being disrespectful. Disrespect is something Mike doesn't play about.

"What's up bitch!" My best friend Mari spoke from the steps of our building. She dropped out of school earlier this year when she found out she was pregnant by her boyfriend Darius. He works for Mike, so they at least have income to take care of their baby. She's eight months now and we're both patiently waiting for the baby to drop.

"What you doing sitting out here?" I questioned even though she's always out here in somebody's business. Even though she's my best friend, there is still a lot that I keep from her because I know how she likes to run her mouth. She knows everything going around in Dewey. I leaned against the wall and glanced out around the apartments. There were clothes hanging out to dry on the window security bars, kids running around with no supervision in sight, and drug transactions being done in plain view.

"Waiting for Darius to bring me my food. I'm starving. How school been?"

"School is school. It ain't the same without you though."

"Yeah, well fuck that place. It's more money on these streets than in them books." I shrugged, not really in the mood to entertain her ignorant comment. No one on this side of town has any positive outlooks on life, but that's their own personal opinion. I mean why would they care about going to school when their biggest role model is Mike. I just know when I finally move on from this place I won't be looking back at all.

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