"I'll see you soon Daddy"

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Warning - Chapter contains a brief mention of self harm. Please continue reading at your own risk.


I stop off at the local chemist after college and look around the shelves for something to ease the pain in my stomach. Its been flaring up all day and I desperately need something to numb the pain. I'm still dressed in Jake's clothes, my own still damp inside my bag.

"Can I help you?" A voice asks, directing the question at me. I snap out of my little daze and turn to face a worker in her early forties, smiling at me.

"Yes please. My brother is a boxer and he's in pain with his stomach. I wondered if you had anything to help him?" I lie, knowing I'm babbling way too much. I can't help it, I'm a crappy liar.

"Has he been treated professionally?" She asks me, frowning a little. My eyes widen at her question and I feel my heart pick up pace.

"Y-yes but he's also been recommended to take painkillers, strong ones," I mumble quietly, staring at the floor.

"Follow me," she responds politely, disappearing down an aisle. I breathe a sigh of relief, following her in the same direction she disappeared.

"Tell him to take these three times a day after food. They are strong painkillers so no more than three," she informed me strictly. I nodded and thanked her, paid for the tablets and left the chemist. Once I was outside and around the corner, I immediately swallowed two without water.

"Please help me," I whispered, shuffling myself in the direction of home.


I was halfway up the stairs when Trevor stopped me, slurring his words, once again.

"What the fuck are you wearing?" He yelled up the stairs. I turned slowly, feeling exhausted from the day. Much to my dismay, my heart began to pick up speed in fear.

Trevor was stood at the bottom of the stairs in his pyjamas even though it was the afternoon. Slob. I could feel him glaring straight at me, eyes burning holes through mine. He was clearly growing impatient, his foot tapping against the floor.

"It was raining this morning so I changed into some dry clothes," I said quietly, signalling at Jake's clothes. I turned back around, wanting to escape to my room as soon as I could.

"You filthy slut. You disgust me."

Filthy slut?

"What did you just call me?" I asked, turning back around and narrowing my eyes at him.

"You're a filthy slut. Do you let every boy have a go on you in school?" He snapped back, his eyes flashing with hatred for me. I didn't miss the smirk that grew on his lips as he tore me down with his words.

I immediately felt my chest tighten with anger.

My fists clenched by my sides and I narrowed my eyes into thin slits, staring directly at him.

See the hatred in my eyes for you, bastard.

I could feel my chest rising up and down as anger and adrenaline swirled together, becoming dangerous. Without thinking about my actions, I spit down, aiming directly for his face. I was taught growing up that it was the most disrespectful dirty thing to do.

That's exactly why Trevor deserved it.

My spit landed directly above his lips and slid down onto his upper lip.

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