Shoot or Die, P3

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I picked up August phone while we drove to the bando.

Phone Convo with Daysi,

???: You want your wife?

Me: Daysi, I know your ass isn't stupid enough to do that.

Daysi: I got Maya and I got TJ. You kill my brother it's all over for her and your son.

She hung up

I got mad. I hit the phone against the dashboard

"Trey, the hell you doing?" He asked snatching my phone

"Sorry. change of plans" I said

"What's going on?"

"She got Maya and TJ."

He threw on brakes causing me to hit the dashboard


"Who got Maya & TJ?!"

"Daysi, Here's what we do...We pull up to the bando, Get the kid, I get Maya and TJ out and you do the killing or whatever." I said

I ain't one to kill a person, But if I got to, than I will and in this case I will, But August done this type of shit before, I mean I did some things but, he cold hearted and careless.

"Yeah yeah" he said starting the car back up.

We pulled up to the bando and I untied Quanny, I called Daysi and put her on speaker

Quentin: Daysi?

Daysi: Hey, Quentin!!

Quentin; Yo, let them go. I don't care what happens to me, I choose this. I made a mistake

Daysi: I can't do that, War. They kill you and take you away from me, I'm gone take someone away from them, One by one. And you know I will



Daysi: *smack* SHUT THE HELL UP!

TJ: You shouldn't have done that

Quentin: Daysi, chill

Me: We on our way, Daysi. In Exchange for Maya and My son... We won't kill your brother

Daysi: Okay

I hung up and grabbed Quentin carrying him out pushing him into the backseat of the car.

We pulled up and I got him out and we walked into the bando, I threw him down on the ground

"There you got your brother."

She put her gun down and ran over to him

"Big mistake." I said grabbing her gun and going over untying Maya and TJ,

Maya grabbed the gun out my hand and I tried holding her back, she pushed off me. August grabbed her but she proceeded to walk over to Daysi, she handed the gun to August, Grabbing Daysi throwing her on the ground stepping on her hair

"Let me tell you something... Little..Girl, I'm Maya Amouria Maraj! You ever heard of me? Learn not to fuck with me. Give me one good reason why I should kill you?"

"This" she said getting aloose from Maya's crib, Stabbing her in the stomach

"MAYA!" I shouted

Maya fell back and I ran over to her holding her wound, She coughed up blood

"H-Hand me the gun."


I grabbed my gun and walked over to Quentin, And put the gun to his head

"Daysi, you gone wish you never done that" I said whipping my tears looking over at Maya

"Don't, Please, Dont "

"TJ, take Maya to the hospital" I said

"No, not yet" Maya said sitting up

"Maya, You trying to die?" I asked looking at her

"I- I- I have to- Ki-kill t-that b-b-bitch"

I sniffed and looked down at Quentin

"Man please don't"

"I hate doing this, Taking another brothers life. And, a young one, one who could actually make a difference, But you choose this. I'm sorry, but Any last words?"

"I'm sorry man"

"Yeah, I'm sorry too." I said pulling the trigger

*Daysi Screams*

"NO!" Daysi yelled running over to me

"BITCH." Maya said shooting her point blank in the head


"Burn it down" I said to Lil Chris

He nodded and lit the bando on fire

"We ain't gone make it to the hospital, she's loosing to much blood." TJ cried as Him and Trey took off they shirts putting it over Maya's wound

"Hold in there baby, I got someone who can help you" I said getting in my car

I looked in my mirror and she was spitting up blood


"She's fine, She's resting now. What happened?" My sister asked

"Don't worry about it, Thank you."

She hugged me and kissed my cheek, "She's family!!"

I went and washed the blood off my face and neck and grabbed my bloody cloths and threw them in the fireplace, I went in the room where Maya was and Trey and TJ was holding her hand as she slept

"All the things she do and go threw to fight and stay alive. All the good she do, we always find ourselves in violence" Trey and TJ said

"She's alive and That just let's me know, If God is with us no matter what happens, No weapon can form against us. She's protected and it's not her time."

"What y'all talking about?" Maya asked waking up

I smiled and kissed her lips, "How you doing baby?"

"I'm hurt." she said as tears fell down her eyes

"I know baby, but I mean how your body?" I asked kissing her forehead

"It's fine, Where am I?" She asked looking around

"Nekia's. She took care of you"

Maya nodded, "Guess it's good to have a nurse in the family"

We laughed and nodded

"We love you Maya" we said

She smiled, "Group hug!!"

We hugged her

"I love my boys too"

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