The Yule Ball

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~Elizabeth's POV~

Finally it was the night of the Yule Ball and I was super excited. Hermione, Ginny, and I had gone shopping at Hogsmeade last week and went to the dress shop they have there. It took awhile but I finally found the perfect dress after Hermione and Ginny found theirs.

Hermione and I were in our dorm room getting ready as Ginny was with her own friends and Lavender and Pavarti had gone to her sisters room to get ready.

I was doing Hermiones hair while we sat on the vanity. She already did her make up before so she just needed her dress.

"You never did tell me who you are going with..."
Hermione hinted as I put the finishing touches on her half up-do while I had previously curled the pieces to shape her face.

"I'm... I'm going with Harry." I spoke quietly quite shy about going with him.

"Really?!" She fakes surprise after already knowing since Harry asked for advice.

"Yes, I'm nervous how my brothers may act though."

"It will be fine, I'm sure of it. They may be over protective but they will just want you to have a good time."

"Thanks 'Mione."

"Of course."

After that I finished her hair hair and she looked at it in the mirror.

"I love it! It's not as thick looking as before. Thank you. Now I can help you with yours if you'd like."

"No problem, and of course."

With that she started in my hair, I closed my eyes slightly as it reminded me of my mum doing my hair. I really did miss her and dad. But, I am having a amazing time here and it's already half way through the year. Apparently I had them closed longer than I though as she announced she was done.

"Hermione! It looks so good! How did you even get it to stay up like that."

"Magic." Hermione jokes making us both giggle.

"You go out your dress on first! I wanna see it." I requested with a small jump from excitement. She laughed and agreed before grabbing her dress bag and retreating into the bathroom.

While she was changing I began on my own make up. Doing a light pink neutral look to match my dress. It wasn't that much to do so I finished just as Hermione came out of the bathroom.

"What do you think?" She questioned while spinning around.

"You look amazing 'Mione! I love it." I say with a smile while admiring her dress.

"Thank you Beth. Your turn now."


Then I walked into the bathroom with my own dress bag and put on my dress and heels. I really did love it.

(A/N: here's her full outfit. If you don't like it feel free to change it to something else but I thought it was pretty. Also bottom left is just the make up, not the hair or anything else.)


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