the fight

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(I like making bakugou short and everyone else tall if you dont like it then dont read it👉🚪)

Bakugou POV:

Me and Monama are now fighting in the hall way everyone is circled around us class 1B on his side and class 1A on my side

"So? What you gonna do now monster of UA your so much weaker than I am and so much shorter" Monama says smirking

"Okay then let's make this fight...physical." I say glaring up at him

"Bakubro don't" kirishima pleads, I ignore my class telling me no

"Okay then. But no quirks" Monama says I smirk

"Fine by me" I say and crack my knuckles

Monama throws the first punch I easily dodge

"Hows this for short" I say and punch him in the balls making him fall to the floor I take the opportunity and kick him in the face

"Heh your just a villain bakugou" Monama says getting up and wiping the blood off his face.

  I look at him shocked tears forming in my eyes I turn and walk away then...


"Hah sike bitch you thought!" I yell and turning around and punching him hard in the face

"Your all talk! And your just fucking like me Monama just more of a bitch" I say and shoving him to the floor I get on top of him and sit on his stomach

"You say things behind peoples back and I say them to their face cause I'm not a fucking pussy" I say and punch his face

"I bet your dick is small! Haha what's wrong cant handle the truth" I say Monama looks fucking pissed

"Aw what's the matter? You gonna piss your pants are sm" I say laughing, he switches are places making himself on top of me and holding my hands above my head

"Oooh kinky I know your obsessed with me but damn" I say he blushes and gets up, I hop back up onto my feet again

"Jeez your blushing alot do you actually have a crush on me?" I say amused

"What no!?" He says and stomps away his class follows him and the random extras disburse leaving me and my class

"Ok I want cuddles" I say and smile at my class the chuckle and roll their eyes playfully

"Your scary yet adorable" Denki says everyone nods I laugh

"Why thank you<3" I say and walk to the front

"Now hurry before I chop your dicks off and tape them to your heads like a unicorn" I say winking at them they walk faster


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