19// Tori

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When I opened my eyes this morning, I realized two things.

One: I wasn't in my own room, at my own beach-house.

And two: I was pressed against someone's chest with their arms wrapped around me, protectively.

And then in a flash, the events of last night came rushing back to me.

The loud bang.

The note.

Deacon pulling me backwards.

Him getting hurt because of me.

Derek staying with me.

Our supposed date, once this is over.

Me kissing him gently.

Derek told me last night that I wasn't to blame for what happened, but the truth of the matter is and as simple as it...I am to blame.

This psycho is watching me...us how I don't know? but he is. It's clear from that note on Deacon's car last night, that I wasn't meant to be there with him. which doesn't make it any better, he set his sights on Deacon just because he's my friend and this psycho feels threaten by that.

And I'm putting the people here around me in danger, Deacon could have died last night, and it would have been my fault, from what Deacon has told me since knowing him. Are that Derek, Deacon, and Daisy they only have each other, it's just the three of them, and that could have easily changed in a blink of an eye last night because of me.

What if next time, it's Derek, he has a daughter to think about. I should have left or refused his help, from the beginning but against my own logic I didn't.

Because I feel safe with him, I feel things that I haven't before and it's scary and it's fast and it's happening in a life and death situation.

I can't be the reason he gets hurt... I won't I'll sacrifice myself before that ever happens.

"You're thinking so hard...is making my head hurt" I heard Derek whisper from behind me, as he pulls me closer into his arms. Wiggling in his embrace, just as I feel just how much effect below his waist that I have on him and a smile forms on my lips.

"There are other things that seem to be hard too." I giggled. As he groaned into my neck.

"Just ignore it..."

"Not possible"

Turning around so we are face to face, just as Derek smiles softly towards me.

"Morning," I say with my own smile.

"Morning" He echoes back and then looks down to the soft cast on my wrist.

"How are you feeling?" Shrugging my shoulders and sighed.

"I'm fine".

"Liar, it's okay not to be okay Tori".

"I'm as okay as I can be after what happened".

Derek gently places his hand on my cheek and moves to kiss my forehead softly, before meeting my eyes again.

"It's dangerous for me to be here" I added in a whisper.

"Even if you left River-Cove, this time he would most likely follow you".

"I wasn't talking about River-Cove, I was talking about here in your home...in your bed" I argued, the truth is last night is the first time since this whole ordeal started that I felt safe. And that's because of him, being in Derek's arms.

But I can't be selfish and put him in even more danger, by being here with him.

"I thought we went through this last night...that we're in this together".

"Last night was full of shock and emotions. Today it's more clear-headed".

"I'm not abandoning you, for my own safety Tori. You should know me better than that by now" Derek argued with me.

Shaking my head, I don't know him, he doesn't know me that much. But somehow since the moment we met, there's been a pull, a calling to each other.

And I'm done denying it and I think he is too; I also know that he won't leave me alone in this, I also know he's used to being in danger because he is a cop.

But his family isn't, and they shouldn't be because of me.

"I know that, I also know I can't try to get you to run and hide. You're used to being in danger, but Deacon...Daisy, they're helpless to it. And right now, they are in danger because of me, I can't just sit back and watch the people I care about get hurt".

"I know, I've been thinking about them too. And I think they should leave" He replies to me, pushing a piece of my hair behind my ear.

Keeping my eyes on him as he explains.

"Once Deacon is healed enough to travel, he should take a rental car with Daisy and just drive far away from here, until this whole thing is over for us all because this is personal for me to now, he went after my brother and I'm coming after him, with everything I've got Tori".

Locking my eyes on him for a moment and sighed, knowing that he is right. This is personal for him now too.

"It still doesn't seem right that you have to say goodbye to your family."

"I'll rather say goodbye temporarily, than forever" He mumbles.

Getting ready to open my mouth to replied, just as the room echoes with little baby giggles, coming from the baby monitors.

Mirroring Derek's smile as we both listen to the sound of Daisy.

"How about you get Daisy and I'll start breakfast," he says,

"Sounds perfect" I replied, just as he presses a quick kiss to my lips and then gets up from the bed, before disappearing from my view.

Letting out a deep sigh, pulling myself to my feet, and headed towards Daisy nursey, with the same lingering thoughts in my head.

That everything is perfect for now, but for how long...

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