Ch.2 Whoa

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I was on the phone multitasking . Looking over the next applicants resume, and telling my new analyst to get it together.

Then I heard the sweetest voice ever.  Excuse me Mr.Lee I'm hear for the personal assistant position.

I turned around still looking at her resume trying to focus.  But when I looked up,  their was the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on.  She was voluptuous and very curvy, had caramel skin and long black hair.  The dress she was wearing was fucking with me. It fit her like a glove. Snap out of it Aiko.

I told her to have a seat.  When she sat down.  I got to see her juicy thighs before she adjusted the hem.  Then she crossed her legs.  I wanted her to put them across my lap. I could spend all days just touching them.

I gotta know how old she is im 28.  But she looks real young.  How old are you Ms.Summers? 22

Do you have a boyfriend  or in a relationship?  Damn.  She looks pissed.  What does that have to fd with the job.  I quickly explained and then she said no.

Good now i dont have to get rid of him.  Then I told her about the salary snd benefits.  I may have increased her pay and inflated the benefits.  I wanted her.  I always get what i want.  I cant have her working for another man.

Do you have any questions? No.  Well your hired.  And all mine.  When she got up to thank me, she almost tripped. But i grabbed her by the waist.  She feels so soft. And her scent is intoxicating. I gave her the company HR pack and my nondisclosure contract.  Then walked her to the door.  But i couldn't resist touching her. I put my hand  at the small her back. I almost touched that ass of hers.

I watched her walk down the hall. And apparently half of my male employees too. Fuckers.  They'll learn. I dont share?

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