Ch.1 Your hired

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"Celine Summers" the receptionist called.
I stood and walked to the receptionist desk.

"Mr.Lee will see you now" she said.

"Ms. Summers"," Yes mam" I replied.

"Good luck" she told me.

"Thank you". I smiled and entered the office.

"I dont care".
" I pay you for results, not exscuses".
" Have it on my desk by 5".

This is the man I maybe working. Give me strength. But I need this job bad. I dont think he knew I was in their. His back was turned to me.

"Exscuse me Mr.Lee".

"My names Celine Summers". "

"I'm here for the personal assistant position".

Thats when he turned his chair around. He had my resume in his hands.

"On your resume'it says", and thats when he looked up at me. He paused midsentence. He had a strange look in his eyes, that passed as quickly as it came.

"How rude of me, Ms.Summers have a seat".
He motioned to the chair in front of him. When i sat down i had to adjust the hem. Then i crossed my legs. Did he just groan. Before i could think about it, he started the interview.

"So Ms. Summers how old are you"? 22

"Are you involved with someone"?
I frowned a little.
"What does that have to do with the job ?" I asked.

"Oh Im sorry I should explain".

"This position calls for you to be able to travel with or without notice".

" Sometimes you may be called to deliver documents to my home".

" Boyfriends may have as problem with this".

" Because you'll be spending a lot of time in the office and with me", he replied.

"Ok , I'm single" she said.

"Good", he said

"As for the salary, it will be $6,000 a month". "The benefits package is: company paid health insurance, use of the company car, expense account and stock options".

"Do you have any questions"?  he asked.

"No", I said.

" Well your hired".
"Be here tomorrow at 8".

I got up to shake his hand and almost tripped. Luckily he grabbed me around my waist.
"Are you alright?"  he asked.

"Yeah" I replied. He let me go.

"Almost forgot" he said.

"Read these and give them to HR".
"And this is a nondisclosure contract between me and you".
"Please read thru it and give it to me the morning" he said.

He walked me to the door.  I thought. Why does he have his hand so close to my ass?

"Have a good day Ms.Summers see you tomorrow".

I was so busy being nervous, that something just dawned on me. My boss is fucking hot.

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