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My Brother (Roc Royal love story)

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I cant belive this shit. I'M not finna move just because my moms boyfriend soon to be fiance. fuck that. lord help me.oh my bad my name is Taylah Remiz im 15 and Only with my mom my dad passed away I'M an only chiled well until we move.

Janice (taylah mom ) babygirl we here

taylah: daayyuumm I mean whooaa DIS a big house.

Janice: I know sweety *gets out car nd knocks on door with taylah *

Roc pov:

waddup im roc royal or cherneasto im 16 and some new bitch movin in with us. all i lnow is the hoe better be cute.

I was chillen in my room and shit then people started knocking on the door the fuck they wont man im tryna watch tv smh .

Roc: *walks downstairs nd answers the door*

Roc : waddup *looking at Taylah*

Roc pov: dayyuumm man shawty had ass nd every damn thang I.couldn't stop starin at her breast like got damn i wanted to tap that ass right then and there but sadly my dad showed up nd her mom was there.

Trey (roc dad ) hey Janice and taylah

Taylah: waddup

Roc: sup taylah??

Taylah: yeaa nd u roc or cherneasto right.?

Roc: yea

trey: come in Janice, roc and taylah can you to go get the bags?

Taylah: uhmm iight

*taylah opens the trunk and start grabbing bags *

Taylah Pov :like damn nigga y u keep starin at me all roc does is look at my chest nd ass but I aint gone lie he kinda sexy I would fuck the shit outta him whooaa dere gettin kinda horny

Taylah: can I ask u a question

Roc: waddup babygirl

Taylah: negro im not ya babygirl get that shit straight

roc: just shut the fuck up damn.... now wat was your question

Taylah: never mind

Roc pov; the way her curves showed off her body made me want her more I couldn't take that shit no more I need to at least feel her ass

*I pushed her against the car and wrapped her legs around me *

I slamed my lips against hers I can tell she wanted me give her a some head but her ass gone wait for tonight cuz im tearin it up! my hand went up her shirt to her nipples I swirled them around nd use my other hand to plah with her clit I soon stuck a finger in her she was tight ass hell but zilla finna fix that I went faster and faster adding another finger i can tell she was lovin it she moan my name and we barly started

Taylah: awwww fuck Roc please ahhhh!

Roc: damn baby we just begun

Taylah pov: roc can get it.... his sexy ass rubin all on ma nipples nd shit im so fuckin horny nigga gimmy da D but as his finger wonderd me i arched my back and i came all over his fingers. before he could lick it up i licked it up for him and he finished the rest.

Roc Pov:

Roc *whisper in her ear * shh just wait baby that not all u gone get.......

*i.set her down grabed all the.bags and.went.inside.

taylah pov : i.started going to the house and trey showed room. it looked real nice and big....


I was laying in bed on the phone wit my ex when roc ass walked in

Taylah: (to kahil her bf ) aye boo ill call u back *hangs up *

Roc:aye taylah did u like wat I did earlier today

Taylah: Roc take yo ass on im not finna talk about this

Roc: damn bitch all I asked is a simple question

he pissed me off callin me a bitch like nigga dont play

Taylah: who the fuck u callin a bitch nigga I dont play dat shit

Roc: YOU! *gets in Taylah face *

Taylah: Roc back yo ugly ass up pronto

Roc Pov: she must think im playing wit her ass we just met nd its already shit going down.

Roc: smh nigga please

Taylah: fuck you and yo dad how bout dat hoe

when she said that I got heated she gone learn to shut the Fuck up and obey me


Taylah Pov: I cant believe this im fuckin cryin my eyes out.......he put his hands on me

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