Happy New Year my fellow people

I hope all of you had a great holiday and are ready to start the new year. I know I am because a new year means new stories! I am not kidding when I say that I literally have a notebook by my bed filled with story ideas. I've planned the rest of this story out and and soon I'll sit down and work out the details of the sequel. I know the gist of it and so far, I'm pretty happy with it. 

I hope you guys remember some of the characters mentioned in the beginning because they start to come back in this one. Just to refresh, Meredith is the first person Libby meets and Bradshaw is the guy that Meredith argues with on the first day. Now, let's see who remembers Kyle. 

I'm just going to defend Nick now and say try and see where he's coming from. (It'll make sense when you read the chapter)

Dedicated to theonlyexception123 for the awesome cover on the side. Thank you for taking the time to do this and I really appreciate it :)

Thank you, as always, to my amazingly fantastic readers for commenting, fanning, and voting. You guys blow my mind with all your support :)

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Chapter 27

Nick St.Claire


                “Hey Nick?” Libby looked up at me with her adorably confused face.

                “Yes?” I raised an eyebrow in question.

                “How did you get in my room? I locked the door.” I chuckled quietly at her question and smoothed a piece of hair back from her forehead.

                “Let’s just say your window isn’t very secure.” I nodded towards the slightly open window. The early morning sun slowly began to break through the darkness of the night as the usual autumn morning chill crept in.

                Libby had woken from her nightmare almost an hour ago and neither of us had bothered to go back to the endlessly dark abyss of sleep. Instead, we’d quietly laid next to each other content to settle into a peaceful silence. I blinked tiredly and sighed loudly, rolling over onto my side. I wrapped an arm around Libby’s waist and settled my nose in the hair resting on her neck. Libby turned so her face was settled against my chest while her arms rested loosely around my neck.

                “We have two more hours until school starts. I’m sure we can get another hour of sleep in.” I spoke, noting the red figures on her clock stated it was just before six in the morning.

                “That sounds good.” Libby whispered tiredly, her eyes drooping.

                Libby continuously surprises me with the way she handles situations with ease. I hadn’t understood her more than distraught reaction to hearing the news of her father’s involvement with wolves until she explained it to me. I’d assumed it wouldn’t faze her as she seemed to grasp onto the werewolf idea pretty quickly but everyone has a cracking point and it seemed her father’s new allies were Libby’s. I could see now why Libby was so terrified but I’d promised her I’d never allow her back into her father’s reach and I intended to keep that promise. With that thought settled, I looked down towards the object of my affection and realized she was already asleep. Squeezing her tighter against me, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drop back into the realm of sleep.

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